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  1. I was thinking the x stitches could be quilted right next to them throughout the blocks, then a simple fancy set of feathers, etc through the sashings and borders. If you only do minimal in the blocks simple feathers or egg and dart would be about the right amount for the sashings.
  2. Happy retirement, Mary Beth. Which KC community are you close to? My daughter is close to Overland Park so I have had a chance to check out a few of the shops there. It would be great if you created a retreat center there. I know a few people close that would be fun to sew with.
  3. Calicocat has a great example to use when you contact your quilter. Has she had some family issues when she stopped working on it for a while? Or other deadlines she needed to handle during the process. I hope you find a good solution soon.
  4. Enjoy the new "career." If you are going to be caring for those little ones, you definitely are not retired, only re-tired! They look great. For Landon starting out with some problems he sure looks good and even bigger in this picture.
  5. Only your eighth quilt?!!! You did great work.
  6. Daviesla, Thanks for the description and the picture, it is great. Taking the quilt top roller may be in my future too, anything that helps my eyesight options. Now to just get things organized so I have more time there.
  7. Daviesla, How are you using the Harbor Freight tool magnets? Where are you placing them and what are you holding with them? Inquiring minds want to know!
  8. Be sure to stitch your name and date in the quilting close to an edge if she doesn't want a label shouting it to people. No one needs to know that she financed it unless you both want to tell people.
  9. Yes, the quilt deserves to be known as your work. You can easily word it with Made for: by Bonnie, 2016 and anything else you want on it.
  10. I have used wool in the king sized quilt for our bed. It has been washed more than once and is still great and dried in the drier. There was no smell during the washing and drying. I won't use cotton for a bed quilt for my uses at all, too heavy and hotter than the wool.
  11. How much do you use the channel locks on your present Millie? Is there a difference between the two options for you then? Good luck with your purchase.
  12. I have used them with my Lucey and like them.
  13. When you go to a show to check out machines be sure to take a mechanically minded person with you, (hubby or good friend). They will notice things that you don't and will have other perspectives to consider, then decide what is important to you. When I was looking hubby was with me. I had him try the different machines as well as I did. He noticed the vibration of some over less vibration of others. He can hear the growl or smooth sounds of the motor, etc. Don't let a tall salesperson sell you something too tall for a short person, etc. Good luck.
  14. Good luck to each of you on winning. Your chances have been improved since I haven't entered even once for this one---I am still learning my new Lucey I got last year.
  15. The quilt looks great and I am one that isn't into scrappy. Yes, use your clamshells, this is your quilt. The name for the quilt might be: brother to brothers, or Tom and Harry (whatever their names are). May God bless you with healing peace and great memories of them.
  16. Thanks for the pictures and info. I will be checking some things out and get back to you.
  17. When I had my George, the Martelli quilting rings were the best for me. I could use them to move the quilt without a lot of strain, and I did some large quilts (queen and king). Those rings were much better than the halo for me. I hooked them on the arm of George to the back of the throat with an empty thread spool taped to his top so they didn't slide down when I wasn't using them.
  18. Check and see if Best Press does the same as the starch to help with excess control. It would be interesting to see if you could get a bit of the yellow fabric to try it on.
  19. How many shirt points do you have available? Will they fit around a special block (center or label) as prairie points? Maybe use some of the shirt fabric to have embroidered into that special block.
  20. Give it a bit of time today, there are a couple of dealers in your large area. They should be dropping in here sometime to see your post. Have you checked on the APQS site for dealers in your area? Welcome to the forum. You can usually get some good feedback quickly on here.
  21. Congratulations. Don't be surprised if you Lucey comes earlier than you expected. I ordered mine in June with deliver after Aug. 15 written on the order. The next week I got a call asking if I was ready for Lucey to be delivered! My room still hasn't gotten organized yet. Enjoy her.