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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from lindasewsit in New format   
    I am able to go back to topics that I have already read. 
    I think one of the differences to the activity level is that the photos are a separate section instead of with the any and all chatting posts.  I think the quilt pictures always helped to generate comments and more traffic.  When we only have a few minutes we can (should) spend scrolling through sites having them separated lends to stopping at only one section.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in Where is the "reputation" button?   
    I think that is why I get such a kick out of this....and the fact that I don't have a life, so things like this entertain me
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Neys1965 in Long arm height   
    I'll put that lift on my wish list for the future.  His mind is still reeling from the purchase price....
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Quilting Heidi in NQR Prayer warriors needed   
    Landon is coming home today!!!!!!  My Christmas wishes have all been fulfilled! Thank you all so much for your prayers and comforting posts!  It has been soooooo scary.  He is one happy little boy.  
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Cagey in Struggling with a dilema. Help! Thoughts! Prayers!   
    First off, I send you my best and hope you truly believe your mother is in a better place and was blessed to have you as she entered her new life.  
    Second as executors of your mother's will, you need to follow here written guidance to the best of your ability.  You need to be talking with the state/county clerk of court to ensure you are complying with all the estate/probate requirements of the state/county.  While many will tell you that you have to have an attorney, in many cases the estate clerk can guide you through everything you have to do (I did all this when my sister passed years ago).  Only hire an attorney when you have to, as it can get very expensive.  You can do almost everything on your own.  
    Concerning the stove, it was left to you in your mom's will.  It is now your property.  Look at the stove as a lovely lamp that sat in your parent's house for years.  If she left the lamp to you, you would pick it up and take it home with your to remember all the love/memories it represents.  It is not, and would not be your responsibility to replace the lamp after your removed it from the house.  The stove is no different than the lamp in my example.
    It is not your responsibility to replace your mother's stove with a new one.  Just as it is not your responsibility to put in filler cabinets or do anything to the house to prepare it for sale.  That is your sister C's job.  As the the stove gift recipient, your sole responsibility is to accept the give and remove it from the house without causing any damage to the home.  Do not worry about, or do anything about any complications this gift of your mother's may bring about.  That again is sister C's responsibility.  If you had been directed to give the stove to your "cousin Bob" would your mother or you have expected "cousin Bob" to have paid to fix the cabinets or buy the three of you a new stove?  In your trustee duties, did you make anybody pay your for an item that your mother left them?
    If sister C was to transfer the house to sister V, you, and herself, she has a timeline to complete the task.  Normally an estate/will has timelines it must comply with at the state/county level to ensure the estate is being probated and distributed in a timely manner.  If the property is truly held in trust that becomes a less public activity.  I would contact the original attorney that drafted your mother's trust, that is probably the same attorney that gave your authority to deal with your mother's estate.  He/she can guide you as how to contact sister C in writing, and demand she comply with your mother's written direction in the trust.  If sister C is unable to comply with her trustee role, the state/county can transfer that authority to the successor trustee.  That may be you.  
    While that duty can be overwhelming, it is achievable.  Having done it twice with my sister's estate, and helping with other family member estate, you have to break it down into pieces.  Decide if it is cost effective to bring in an estate dealer to get rid of your mother's final items.  If not, give as much of her stuff away to family members that would cherish a particular item.  Then plan a garage sale.  While every item is priceless to your, C, and V, it can only be sold for garage sale values.  Be sure to go through every pocket at file/piece of paper your mother has.  You will be surprise of the money, rings, or stock certificates you may find in an old jacket, tucked between two pages of a book, or hidden in an old foot locker from the war.  
    Any items that do not sell over a two to three day garage sale, goes to charity.  Have the donation receipts split up between C, V, and yourself, as a trust cannot normally benefit from a charitable contribution.  The three of you on the other hand, can if you itemize your tax deductions.  
    Take the stove with you to your present home.  Use it as you see fit.  When the time comes to bring it to its original beauty, or simply use it as is it will remind you of the love and devotion of your mother.  Put it in your sewing room with a board on top of it (putting batting or something on the bottom to protect the finish) and use it as the most sturdy cutting board ever built.  Have a door, or handle repaired piece meal or as you can afford it.  Research other restoration experts in your area.  Go to the local museum, and get references as to who they would use to fix your stove to showroom condition.  The restoration expert may tell you to do nothing with it, and use it as is remembering every nick. scratch, and dent as memory of your mother and all the love she had for you.  The stove is priceless in your eyes.  Take it and cherish it, just as your mother desired.  She left it to you, it is her gift to you.  You have Mom's permission and everyone her to take it home with you.  Love your mom, and love your new "old" stove.
    Take care and God Bless;
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to loraquilts in Struggling with a dilema. Help! Thoughts! Prayers!   
    Thank you all sooooo very much for reading my post and responding.  I think I've about burned off my fiance's poor ears with all my crying at the drop of a hat and then laughing at a memory the very next minute.  Pretty soon he's going to have me committed.  lol. 
    Zeke, I like your idea of keeping the stove in the garage until I get space for it in the kitchen.  For that matter, I could put it downstairs in my son's apartment (no cabinets to worry about) and he could use it.  I could visit it from time to time.  : ) 
    Betsy, I agree with you.  Even if the new owners were to get the stove in the sale of the house, it would never mean as much to them as it does to me.  Like Vickie suggested, I'll bake up a batch of mom's favorite cookies (oatmeal macaroons) and enjoy them with a good cup of coffee.  I'll laugh, I'll cry, and I'll be glad I used her stove to make them. 
    Thanks again.  I can't tell you how much it means to know there are people who are willing to pitch in with thoughts, prayers, and words of wisdom.  I love you all!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to loraquilts in Struggling with a dilema. Help! Thoughts! Prayers!   
    Madelyn, I love your idea of the small pull-out cabinet to hold spices or cookie sheets.  A tile top for placing hot pots is a great idea.  Now I just have to get the correct dimensions and get to work (okay, have my fiance get to work) building it.  Great suggestion.  Many thanks.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to zeke in Struggling with a dilema. Help! Thoughts! Prayers!   
    Lora, do yourself a favor and keep it.  You ready don't have to remodel your kitchen if you have room in your garage.  I've seen this in many a garage.  You can even hook up a portable propane to it.  This way you can turn the gas off when your not using it.  It's just a thought to keep your mother beloved stove.  Let "c" worry about the kitchen.   It was willed to you and not her.  Zeke. 
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in Question   
    I love giving people a "reputation".
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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from dbams in I am a lucky girl!   
    What fun you will have with that one.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to RitaR in It is finally related   
    I Have Found a wonderful Spine neurosurgeon.
    since I've not had a copd flare up, which means
    5-8 days in the hospital, my pulmonologist agreed to the
    major surgery.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in Me and super glue   
    Oh Oma, can you hear me laughing. Bwahahaha, you and I can never be in th same room together! Ha! Ha! I pictured it all in my mind. So funny.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in Me and super glue   
    Heading to Walmart to get nail polish remover and plastic tubs to fit each project. Throwing the drawers out the door.
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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Me and super glue   
    Yup, use the acetone, polish remover.  I sure hate having those wheels fall off too.  I am now ready to start pricing long arm storage cabinets from Tracey's Tables!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to dbams in Me and super glue   
    I believe acetone (nail polish remover) takes off super glue.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mercedes in Ink on Quilt   
    I  tried the hairspray first using a Q-tip and that got part of the ink out, then I went to the rubbing alcohol - that did it!   All the ink came out, it's been washed.  Thanks to everyone for the tips!
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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Had to race for home after work   
    Mary Beth(s),
    Thanks for your offers.  I will need to check with hubby to see what will work.  The goofy man started asking a grandkid or two to ride with us!  That means more space taken up with people instead of fabric or machines.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to T Row Studio in FORUM CHANGES AHEAD   
    Well I as asked to test the site ...that being said I have no idea what I am doing Computers and I do not get along very well .
    BUT I have been able to load pictures from my phone library plugged into the computer  from my facebook page and from pinterest  with no problem. This was the main thing I wanted to see. I think this forum has blocked or made it difficult to get pictures uploaded so I am excited about the new format. I hope more people will post pictures again. 
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to mamaahma in Design Question What's the rule?   
    The picture may not be good, but the quilt (and quilting) is GREAT!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Kwiltr in Design Question What's the rule?   
    Your quilt looks fantastic! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If our tastes were all the same, there wouldn't be as many beautiful creations in quilts out there!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Quilting Heidi in CircleLord Templates and Quiltazoid   
    Sorry haven't been on the board much lately, those twins keep me super busy!  Yes you can use the CL boards on the QZ, you would just have to drill a few holes to mount it or mount it with clamps.  
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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Had to race for home after work   
    Mary Beth, what kind of treadles are you sending out the door?  Are they fully trashed or is there good to them yet?  I have a daughter in KC that we will be seeing next week.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in Not Happy   
    Support is great. I placed an online order last night. Today I got a message from Angie asking for a picture of the area where the grease is oozing. Told her I looked everywhere for the cap, but not sure it really ever had one. She is overnighting one. Yay!!! This is a sign....If I had been quilting more, I would have noticed this before now  
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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Not Happy   
    Mary Beth, in trying to get grease spots out of clothes (even after being in the dryer multiple times) I have used the original GoJo waterless hand cleaner.  I was able to smear it on and wash with warm water (even after letting the garment sit in the hamper all week).  I hope you can find the right fix for both issues.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to dlnewell in Wife (Non-Quilter) Just Doesn't Understand   
    So, do you know anything about knitting?  Next time your wife tries to tell you how to quilt, maybe you could make some suggestions to how she knits?  She might get the hint.