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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to mlsa3 in Stick a fork in me....I'm done!   
    Posted under wrong topic.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to mlsa3 in Wife (Non-Quilter) Just Doesn't Understand   
    Since my post I talked with the friend and explained that I had never done a binding that way and had confidence that I could do the way I've always done it.  She said she didn't know anything about quilting and the other quilters just told her it was an easy way to do it was the reason she suggested it.  I told her I was going to do it my way because I wanted her to be totally happy with the quilt when I finished.  She asked if she needed to buy binding and I said no that I had plenty of fabric left over and would fix it.  She is a sweet lady and I don't think she was trying to put anything over on was my wife who ticked me off.  She had been suggesting things to people and I finally told her I appreciated her pushing to get me business but to quit telling them what they needed because it created more work for have them contact me and I would talk with them about what I thought they needed.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in Stick a fork in me....I'm done!   
    Saundra, you took the words out of my mouth....not only did I fall off the wagon, it rolled right over me. However, I will say that I have 3 completed quilt tops that needed backings. This store sells backings for $7.00 a yard. Can't beat that with a stick. I bought backings for those quilts. Then I found out a couple of years ago that I will be a great grandma in May....yes....I am trying to keep up with Loretta Lynn. Anyway, I bought the backing for the baby quilt, and some fabric to use for the top....I already have most of the fabric for the top. So see, I really "needed" this fabric!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to zeke in Stick a fork in me....I'm done!   
    I'm running around my yard with my bar-b-q fork, where are you. Are behind this tree, nope. How about the rosemary bush, nope. You must be far away. I can't reach you. Zeke
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to quiltedsunflower in Quilt Cave Reorg   
    I was looking for some type of floor finish.  Hadn't heard of Polytec but I'll give it a look-see.  I love this forum.  So much to learn!!!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to quiltedsunflower in Quilt Cave Reorg   
    They started framing on our new house last week.  I will have a dedicated space in the basement - but it's a walk out with lots of windows and natural light.  I don't know the dimensions of the room exactly, but I'm hoping it's at least the 16 x 18 that you all are talking about.  Everything is in storage now so I can hardly wait to get moved!!!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Sheila S. in Diamond Double   
    This is my Diamond Double quilt that I just finished today. Well almost finished because I need to do the hand sewing of the binding.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Bliss Quilter in Retired and open for Business   
    I was laid off last month and have decided to retire from the corporate world and I am loving it already. God has blessed with Miss Millie and I have officially opened for long arm quilting services & much more. Attached is my first paid quilt. Quick Panto for Jean who is in one of my Bee's.

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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from dbams in Ready to work on that panto again!!   
    I'm glad I'm not allergic to chocolate---how else would I get my magnessium and celenium?  My NP says they are good for me!
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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Ready to work on that panto again!!   
    I'm glad I'm not allergic to chocolate---how else would I get my magnessium and celenium?  My NP says they are good for me!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to IBQLTN2 in ergonomic handles   
    I just want to say that I am so happy that I ordered the ergonomic handles for my Lenni. 
    I had asked once before and been told they were not available, but guess what NOW THEY ARE!
    and they are wonderful.   I have not had a chance to use them much, just took a quick test drive and the
    control that I felt was so much better than with the standard handles.  $500.00 seems like a lot for handles,
    but I think it will definitely be worth the dollars. 
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    Neher-in-law5 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Ready to work on that panto again!!   
    That one is pretty, what is the name of it?  Let us see the quilt when it is done.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to AnnP in LUCEY   
    Okay... Lucey is the most wonderful machine ever. I am in love with her stitches. I love how I can put one color in the top and one in the bottom and the knot is right in the middle of the sandwich. Ive changed threads 3 times now to check that out. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Quilting Heidi in Just saying "Hi"   
    Hi Everybody!  Just wanted to say hi to everybody!  I haven't gotten much quilting done lately, in fact I've gotten zero quilting done but I do check in.  The babies are growing and doing so good.  They are both very happy and such good babies.  They are now smiling and oh boy do they light up the room.  Landon is doing really well and gaining weight.  They are both over 10 lbs!  I can't believe how much they have grown and that 2 1/2 months have flown by.  Landon's heart is doing very well and the dr's are pleased with his progress and also amazed.  Every time we see the pediatrician she says, "I can't believe this baby has hypo plastic left side."  We are so thankful for the miracle of prayer.  I truly believe that all of the prayers said for our little guy has made a difference!  Keep it up!!!!!  Not sure when surgery will be yet but we keep praying that he keeps doing as well as he is.  Oh and any of you wondering if twins are really double the work... YES!  In fact some days I feel like it is 3 or 4 times the work.  LOL or I'm just getting older.  The hardest part is they are on different schedules.  We're still having to force feed Landon so we have to wake him every 3 hours whether he wants to or not.  Scarlett eats every 4 - 5 hours and can drain a 4 oz bottle in about 4 mins!  LOL she has a very healthy appetite.  Of course I just can't resist sharing some beautiful smiles.  That's my update.  I hope you are all doing well.  

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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in Grandma's state Quilt   
    I am thinking mini candy bars at each end of the table will give me something to work towards
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Cagey in Daughter bag   
    I am sure she will love it.  If not, I would gladly buy it for the music director at my church.  I always like when the inside of the bag is a bright color.  I hate it when it is black, and everything hides in the bottom.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to barbm in I am really annoyed   
    Yay!!!  So glad you're up and running!  Next time, don't wait until you're "really annoyed" to check in here - we can help even with the mild annoyances!!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to NHDeb in Lenni is here!!!   
    Managed to get through the set up and reading of the manual and finally played a bit yesterday.  Beyond excited!

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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to mlsa3 in My Jesus Quilt   
    This is my latest quilt.  I still have to square it up and put the binding on it.
    It's the Carpenter's Star Pattern.  Since Jesus was the ultimate carpenter I'm calling it my "Jesus Quilt."  I'm giving it to a lady at church who is over our Sunday School Departments.  She's such a sweet lady and always smiling and willing to help.
    I did a lot of ruler work and some pattern boards for the designs.  The center design is a heart with feathers on the inside.  To me the heart reminds me of Jesus's love for us all.  One design is a dove which represents the Holy Spirit.  Another block has a heart with a cross in it.  That represents what Jesus did for us all.  Then there is the crosshatch....just because I love to do crosshatching.

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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to SherrySews in Stitching in the Ditch - Necessary? - How do you do it?   
    Thank you for all of your comments.  I think I am going to have to at least do some extra pinning / basting in order to center this cute little quilt over a pieced backing, otherwise I might end up with the back looking very unbalanced.  As for doing SID, I think I should do around the borders, as I might try something 'custom' in them with an all-over pantograph just on the inner panel part.  I am so new to all of this and I'm not sure I'm ready for too much custom work.  Maybe I'm biting off too much this time with the pieced back. Nervous and excited at the same time, LOL!
    Thanks again.  I really appreciate how this forum and the APQS community works so well to help everyone.
    Have a great weekend!
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Oma in Need Ideas for Quilt   
    Treat each row with it's own quilting design.  It would really make the individual rows pop out.  Very good quilt to practice different sashing ideas.  An all over design would be easy and probably look nice, but this is a rather unique quilt so I would give it a unique treatment
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in Very Impressed   
    I have been seeing open toes on quilting machines, and was "window shopping" on the APQS site for the hopping foot that would work on my machine. I knew there had to be more to it than that foot shown, the shaft just wasn't long enough. I sent an email to APQS through the "contact us" on the website and had an answer in a matter of minutes. That is service!!! So happy I have an APQS machine.
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to calicokat in A question about a commissioned quilt   
    I don't know that I would want to escalate this to registered letters, the BBB and "must be done by" dates  - that may create a very difficult working relationship. And remember, she is in possession of your quilt.  You stand to lose it all if this goes haywire.  You said she's quit working on it because she is not happy that you won't pay her - I don't imagine that drawing a line in the sand is going to help this improve any.  It sounds like there are hard feelings on both sides of this transaction and grace and compassion from both of you will make it better. 
    She would do well to understand that you thought it would be done by now, and so you are wondering "What's taking so long?"  You could benefit from trying to understand her side better.  Maybe she asked for the balance to be paid because she is having a crisis.  Maybe she is stalling because she is overwhelmed and finds herself doubting her abilities to complete it to your satisfaction.  Perhaps she is wracked with guilt every night when she goes to bed because yet another day went by and she didn't make any progress on this albatross around her neck.
    If it were me, and I'm a softy - I'd be inclined to switch my tactic completely around. 
    I'd send a note that says,
    "Dear Quilter, Just wanted to check in and send some encouragement your way. The quilt top is turning out really well (if you have seen photos, or "you've got your hands full with some pretty difficult piecing" or something like that if you haven't seen photos.)  I especially like (fill in the blank here - "the way the colors work together"  "the placement of the design element"  "how hard you worked to incorporate my ideas and bring this quilt to life"  - choose something to compliment about her work)  Of course you know from our conversations, that I thought this quilt would be completed by now, but it seems that I underestimated how much work goes into piecing and quilting such big project, and how life gets in the way of the process too.   I'm excited to have it done, and I was hoping to have it ready for (fill in the blank again - "the local quilt show in October"  "to give my brother for his birthday in November"  "to display in my house this winter")  Would it be possible to send me an email at the first of September and let me know how it's coming along?  That way I can keep up with the project but stay out of your hair.  It's going to be spectacular when you complete it, and I can't wait to see it in person.  Sincerely, Customer" 
    edited to add - I don't think you are being unreasonable to be upset Newbie Client, this is just a sticky situation.  I appreciate the lengths you are going to in your post to keep this private and protect your quilter.  It shows that you are a person with integrity & understanding - that is going to be what helps you solve this whole problem in the end !
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in I am retiring too   
    No twins....but ducks are okay with me   
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    Neher-in-law5 reacted to Mary Beth in I am retiring too   
    Since Heidi has announced her retirement, I will announce mine too. 
    In February, Garmin will be closing the call center I work in. We can keep our jobs and drive to the other call center, however, it is on the Kansas side of the state line, and it is about 35 miles one way. Now, 35 miles does not sound bad, but it is the opposite side of Kansas City from me, diagonally across the city, in rush hour traffic, both ways. I am too old for this!! If the drive isn't bad enough, taxes are different on that side of the line, and we have been directed to talk with our CPA to find out what we need to do about filing our taxes, Ick!!!
    My dad passed away on July 7th of this year. I have been going to their home to help my mom with the sale of their home and personal belongings, so she can move to Independence, MO with my brother. This means she will be closer to me, only about 20 miles away. I am thinking this job move/my retirement, is coming at a good time, so I can spend more time with my mom. She just turned 86 and is not in the best health. 
    Hopefully, I can get reacquainted with my quilting room in the next few weeks. May need to start quilting for business someday.