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  1. Well said Linda. I love reading all the helpful comments on this board. I don't get to visit every day like I used to and guess I missed the posts you mentioned! I talk about you guys to my family and they think I'm crazy because it sounds like we've been friends for a long time. I can't fathom someone not playing fair or being nice. But then again the world is full of all kinds. I want to thank everyone and APQS for providing this board and for their willingness to share their quilting work, advice and lives. I appreciate you all.
  2. God only You know how to bring comfort to Cheri and Elmer and their family. Please comfort them, help them in whatever way they need right now. You know what we want the outcome to be. God please comfort them and strengthen them for whatever the new day will bring. In Jesus name amen,
  3. I finished some felt coasters on my Milly and then loaded a memory quilt made of my dad's shirts to give to my sister. My oldest son also wanted me to patch his torn jeans. I've patched them so many times I'm putting patched over patches. Lol...... Hope this means I get more quilting time in 2013!
  4. I love orchids and you've done a beautiful job with this one! It is breathtaking!
  5. Yes I a jealous also! How exciting for you! I know you both will have. A great time! Remember to take lots of pictures to share with us.
  6. I received my book Linda!! Thank you!! It's great!! You are the best!
  7. Sending up prayers for you Oma. Just stay focused on getting better and remember you've got lots of friends here praying for you. Just keep us posted if you can on how you're doing.
  8. Lucy - I do know at Reactive Attachment Disorder. We are living through it right now with our DD. She is his sister. We have been blessed though because we found a therapist who is using a very new approach - one of love and boy has it worked for us! She has made progress. We've gone from suicidal/depression to tolerance and actually taking steps to accepting us! We're not where she wants to be or where we want to be. It is truly eye opening and I can only say that God is working to change me to be a better mom and better person through her. I hate that she has to suffer so that I can change but that is the way that I see it. I started reading a year ago when this all started and everything was awful but when I found this new person and what he advocates - it all just makes sense to me. I admit at first I didn't like it but then after prayer and reflection it all made sense. Sometimes I slip and act ugly but then I regroup and we start again. I'd be happy to pass along his website and information. Just email me or I can list it here. I'll keep them in my prayers. I know how hard it is.
  9. Our local newspaper did a story on 1of our sons. It ended up being a front page story. We are very proud of our DS and all of the accomplishments he has made so far. We know he has worked very hard to get to this point. We are also proud of our other children as well and their accomplishments. We are humbled by the outpouring of attention because I don't feel that we've done anything at all. DS and the others have done the work. God simply answered their prayers for parents to come and adopt them. Granted God did answer our prayers also at the same time with the way things worked out. All 3 children were required to appear in court before the Ukrainian judge and confirm to her(the judge) their understanding that they were being adopted and moved to a different country to live with us. To me this is representative of the modern pioneer spirit. Imagine leaving all of your friends, your native country, everything behind to travel with people that you've only known for 10-20 days to a new country, where you do not speak the language, you do not know the customs and you have no one but each other to rely on. You can't even run away to return back home because it's across an ocean! Everything was different - the food, the language, the people, the living conditions. You have no choice but to make things work. It's called life and living with the decisions that you make. There were some errors in the paper and I feel I need to correct them publicly. 1. I'm not an office manager - I am a receptionist - huge difference to 2.Their mom is confirmed dead and we aren't sure about their dad. We didn't do anything that thousands of people aren't doing everyday here in the US and abroad. We aren't any different than anyone else but we are just plain God fearing hard working country folks. We are blessed to share our lives with these brave young people and we pray that God will continue to guide and bless them all throughout their lives. I want to share the story with you because you have helped me get through some rough times with them.
  10. Wow! This is beautiful! I love Bargello's and rainbows! The Swirlz were perfect for it also. Great job.
  11. Oh I like it! I think it's really pretty. My favorite is always flowers but this I do like. You did a great job with it.
  12. I would like an autographed one also!!! Always love your suggestions and ideas.