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  1. Wozers - is this quilt and quilting just gorgeous! I love it. Looks fabulous on both the front and back! Beautiful!
  2. If it is yellow plastic is may be Circle Lord. Search them on Google. Offhand, I do not know the name of this particular board.
  3. Have fun with your Lucey! InstaPot, Slow Cooker .......
  4. I am in the same state of mind. I had a massive heart attack at the end of Oct 17. I was brought back to life. Recovery is a long, slow process and I am doing well. I was in the process of piecing a queen quilt for a friend and quilting it for her. The top is almost all put together. I got it out the other day but we have had company/family here since before Thanksgiving. I have been ready to finish piecing the top and getting it on my Millie. However, DH has filled all my working space in front of my Millie with his stuff. I don't know where he will put it but it is going to have to be moved. He is an artist and he has many paintings stored around my Millie. He has two file cabinets full of stuff. Crap, stuff he needs to get rid of or move out from the frontside of my Millie. I cannot begin to quilt until this is all moved. I am a frustrated wife. Most of our home (including all of the garage) is his stuff. The front bedroom has become his walkin closet which most of needs to be thrown away. My husband is a hoarder and will not part with any of his ancient clothes that do not fit, over a hundred pantings that he needs to try to sell or paint over, tech coming out his ears (3 computers in this room). Does anyone who is married to someone like this know how to cure him of his hoarding or need for new clothes? Help!
  5. I found 3 dealers in Colorado, Myrna Fricken and Laura Farnham. I met Myrna years ago and have ordered items thru her. I have also seen Laura Farnham on the APQS site - Myrna too There was one other shop listed. Go to the APQS website the top of this page and on the APQs site, click on Locate Retailer . Hopefully, this will help you.
  6. This would be a great question for Matt Sparrow or for Angela Huffman who does the APQS tutorial videos for APQS. Check out her blog, Quilted Joy and you can probably contact her thru her site. She does terrific videos!
  7. CJ, I noticed on FB you solved your issues. What finally worked?
  8. Love this forum! I don't post much but I love reading everything, learning new tricks, and am happy that it is non-political. Not crazy about FB. Enough said!
  9. Gorgeous quilting. I see some beautiful Bonnie & Camille fabric! It is perfection! Congratulations!
  10. I have a 2007 Millie and the head is wobbling and grinding.  Nor does it move easily anymore.  I can't locate my Bliss installation papers and wonder if you can email those to me.  It would be greatly appreciated!



  11. Sheri, we are looking at installing wood floors in a large room we share as an art studio for my dh, my longarm and DSM and computer room. Could you share the name of what you are putting down and where you are purchasing the product? We'd love to take a look at it. Thanks.
  12. Zeke, welcome home! Check in when you can!
  13. I read/checkin to this forum daily. I have never been a huge poster, but there are still plenty of people posting. I learn from this site everyday. I could post more if I had the time to post more often. I love it and all your posts.
  14. Faye, that is a beautiful top! Can't wait to see a picture when you get it finished!
  15. Heidi, we have been out of town for over a week. I know it is late but adding prayers again for your special little man. we have been thru similar thing with our Nico, born with downs, a hole in his heart. He has already been thru 5 surgeries, needs another. He loves to play soccer and can no longer do that. Love this sweetheart so much but it has been tough. He is such a happy little guy. Loves school and sports! Hopefully, he will be home by Christmas and you can have a wonderful family time and celebrate his homecoming!
  16. Wozers! This quilt is totally incredible. I think most of us quilters know the feeling...what in the heck do I do on this one. It is awesome!
  17. It has taken me days to get back on here. It is ow the 30th and this is the first time I was able to get in. Now, I need to go and check out the changes! It is great to be back! Marilyn (IQuiltToo)
  18. Was just thinking of you today. Hoping that all was well. Get well, relax and just have fun! Glad it is working well!
  19. Just gorgeous! Her work is amazing and your quilting is just superb! Beautiful!
  20. Another major point, that dark purple batik will run like crazy. You should have seen my color catchers after washing purple and blue batiks!
  21. Wow, so happy for you! I only quilt for myself, family and a few friends - no $$$ exchanged. I would up grade too but I do have a 2007 blissed machine and I love it!
  22. Retirement is wonderful. I retired at 59.5 yrs and am now 71. Dh is 78. I love being home but it is 24/24 with DH. We have 2 cars. His is a 2008 and only has 11,000 on it. I love him to the moon and back but wish he still played golf or had something where he would be gone a few hours. I do get up early and he shows up between 9-10 am. So, I cook and make coffee on some mornings. I do enjoy my quiet hours before he gets up. I read, sew, quilt on my longarm. I really don't miss working but could use a few hours (after he gets up) all to myself. Anyone out there understand what I am trying to say? Guess I just need a few 4 hours a week where it is all for me. Also, after all these years of cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning and raising two kids...there are days I just don't want to cook. We have been married over 50 years...I think I am ready to retire from cooking and housekeeping too.