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  1. I used circle lord Egyptian Eye board oriented top to bottom for this quilt. I think it worked out well.
  2. First time posting pictures... just realized they are all sideways or upside down. Oops
  3. Made this quilt for my 16 month old grandson who loves dogs. Very simple quilting but I was happy with how it turned out.
  4. Canadian Longarm Supplies (Alberta) has a great selection and shipping to Ontario was reasonable.
  5. Heidi you have to create an applique box. Done in stitch editor . Go to "modify "screen. Choose "border /applique" and you can then choose whatever shape you want as an outline. You will be creating external border. You can e-mail me if any questions.
  6. I used to receive daily e-mails from this forum as well as newlsetter from APQS. Seems these have stopped. I miss the e-mails highlighting"today's posts". Do I need to change something on my profile in order to keep them coming. I love this forum!!
  7. Thankyou all for the words of encouragement. Will be quilting just for myself. All fmily and friends will be receiving quilty gifts for every occasion for a long time!!
  8. I have been lurking on this site for a LONG time and have finally ordered a 2010 Millenium . I'm very excited and expecting delivery of my Millie on Monday morning. I also ordered the Circle Lord with several templates and giant template boards, as well as the front stylus. I have received my CL and it is sitting in the otherwise empty room waiting for my machine to arrive. I am so impressed by all the "pros" on this forum and hoping that with lots of ppp I will produce some quilts that are "worthy" of sharing with you all. Cathy H
  9. Where are you located? Am interested and live in Northern Ontario. Cathy
  10. What length of table is with the machine? Is it still available? I am in Northern Ontario and am interested. Thanks. Cathy
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