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  1. Anyone know how to attach to a 2015 Millie with Bliss track? The instructions are not very clear and I have watched Marilyn's You Tube video and don't see how the bar attaches to the machine. There is a thread cutter over the wheels where she shows attaching the bar. Michelle in Missoula
  2. Talk to Angie at APQS. I had the same with my new Millie. I made a video and sent it to her. She will help you. Michelle in Missoula
  3. I am including Hartley Microdrive handles and 3 different feet since they don't fit my new Millie.
  4. Great! Sparrow Studio in Canada has some nice You tube videos on getting started, although they are on a newer machine. I've had an Ult II for 4 years and have done a lot of quilting and my skills have progressed. Enjoy! Michelle Baker Missoula, MT
  5. Still available and new price just updated above to $3200. Michelle Contact me at. Michelle.Quiltz@yahoo.com or call me at 406 240-2375
  6. Thanks Linda and Nigel! I have a Millie on its way and just too excited to think clearly! Michelle
  7. APQS Ultimate II with 20 inch throat and 12 foot wood table with metal legs. Serial number 969. Upgrades: Intellistitch C/L Turbo stitch regulator with 2 basting stitches and stitch length choice of 6 - 12 stiches per inch and stiple mode. Single stitch button and needle up or down mode. Edgerider wheels for smooth glide and laser for pantographs. Custom ruler base included for using templates and custom work. Additional feet for using templates 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. Selling to move to a larger machine. Great machine in great condition since APQS machines are built to last! Now asking $3200 ( reduced from $4000) buyer to pick up or pay shipping costs. Located in Missoula, MT. Contact me, Michelle Baker via email at Michelle.Quiltz@yahoo.com or by phone 406 240-2375.
  8. Thanks for all the pictures! I wish I could handle the vibration on mine (ult ii w intellistitch). Any ideas? I have weights on the axels that is supposed to help but not as smooth as I would like.
  9. I just put the old pigtail back on, there is about a millimeter or two difference in distance to the machine and thread is staying put for now. Michelle
  10. Barb, it's the first one coming down from the take up. I replaced both since there was a groove in both and was shredding my glide thread. The screw is tight. I don't know if it is at the wrong angle. I have the hook for the screw going across the top of the screw and the screw is even with the edge. Michelle
  11. Does anyone have ideas for when the thread comes out of the pigtail while stitching and catches on the pigtail screw? ultimate II machine with wonderfil top thread and bottom line I the bobbin. Thanks, Michelle
  12. Look at the Precise Pantographs System. It let's you control the machine while sitting and the handles are directly in front of you so much easier on your body. I love mine. Michelle Baker
  13. I'm thinking about the Hartley fence and circlethese and wondering what your thoughts are on these products. Is the circle easy to use, do you use it a lot or is it limited in its usefulness? Is the fence better than using rulers? Thanks in advance, Michelle Baker Ultimate II owner and hopefully soon to be new owner of.....
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