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  1. Yes, it is still available but I do have an interested buyer. Please email me at kjoycarlson@yahoo.com if you would like me to send you pictures or answer any questions you may have. Kjoy
  2. $2000 OBO. This is a great machine that I hate to part with but have to 'Let It Go!'. 12' wood table. Manual and DVD instruction video. Thread cones and prewound bobbins, extra needles, extra bobbin case, and red snapper attachment to rollers makes it so easy to load and unload your quilt. Pick up only. Rockford Illinois 815-218-1765 Kjoycarlson@yahoo.com
  3. Oh my!!! It is amazing what prayer can do. I sat down, prayed, went back to machine, and got two whole passes done! First one wasn't good...tension way loose with loops underneath. Adjusted it and second pass looks sooo much better. I think I'm getting it!! Whew!!!
  4. I need help! I want to use my longarm but am so intimidated by it. I have video, manuals, went to beginner's class in Des Moines, but really want hands on help. I have used Ultimate II ... Thought I'd attempt it today but can't get thread from bobbin up to top. Anyone near enough to come and get me started?? Thank you!
  5. My Ultimate II did not come with a manual. I got my machine from my daughter's 88-year-old mother-in-law and she doesn't have it anymore. Does anyone have one they aren't using? I checked with APQS and they didn't have one. Thank you!
  6. My daughter and I are going to be taking class this week. I'm also very excited and a LOT intimidated by everything. But really want to learn all I can and get started!
  7. I am in need of a manual for the Ultimate-II if anyone has one they would be willing to part with. Thank you!
  8. Bonnie, yes, I can wait...please take care of yourself!! I will u2u my address. Thank you!
  9. Yes, my wheels stand up. Would the Lenni carriage fit then? Thanks!
  10. I would be willing to give that a try! I will U2U my address. Many thanks!
  11. Thanks to Jim Erickson for the end board and steel assembly that was missing when I went to put my table together last weekend. I am so impressed with the people in this forum and their willingness to share their knowledge, expertise AND parts! I am still in need of the bottom carriage (the part the longarm sits on in order to glide the rails). If anyone knows of one, I am anxious to purchase! Thank you!
  12. That is a great idea miss jacque...we do have one end but not the other. Would have to have the iron part fabricated though. Thank you!
  13. Bonnie, Yes, the actual glider that the machine sits on. If you have one for the U-II I would be interested in purchasing it and paying for shipping, as well.
  14. ffq-lar: Yes, that is what I will do - call or email support. I probably will need to bring the machine for tune up and cleaning since it has been a few years since it was last used. My daughter's mother-in-law gave it to me as she is 87 and no longer able to quilt. Yes, what a blessing to be gifted a macine and am so looking forward to finally getting it up and running. Thank you for replying!
  15. I was given an Ultimate II machine and table about 3 years ago. After moving twice, my husband and I attempted to assemble the table today. Fortunately, we did have the video that helped immensely. However, we are missing two essential parts...the BOTTOM CARRIAGE and the one of the END BOARDS. Does anyone know if they still make these or where I could find replacement parts? Thank you for any ideas...We'd prefer trying to get this table up and not invest in a new one.