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  1. I'm not seeing this plug. My machine is 6 years old. Bought in 2006. Is the plug on newer models? However, after I turned the machine off and on it seems to be working okay. I would like to know where to locate this plug if it happens again. The only thing I could find in the manual was instructions for replacing the sensor.
  2. I have a Millinium and when I use the needle up or down button (Yellow on the right handle) It keeps going up and down even though I have only pressed it once. I have never experienced this before Just started doing this today. Will the screw you are mentioning above correct this problem or do I have something else going on? Thanks for your help.
  3. Deciding how to quilt is by far the hardest thing for me. I am still unsure how something might turn out. I spend days with a piece of vinyl over the quilt top trying out different things. Fortunately for me I'm not in business for myself and have the time to play with ideas. That being said, I see a motif encompassing the four triangles coming together at the sashing and SID the flower with a filler background.
  4. You all have given me some great choices. I have a couple of the tools mentioned. I didn't think about the dragon tails. After I finish my office work, I'm off to play with the tools. Work just keeps getting in the way. I like the look of yours, too, Lisa. Thanks
  5. I have Deloa's boomerang Maybe I haven't played with it enough to get it to line it up properly. I'm going to load a practice piece on and just play with it. The area I want to CC is larger than I feel I can do freehand. Linda, when I make myself do it, I find it amazing though if you can look ahead how much better you quilt. Okay, Heidi, I'm really showing my ignorance. Do the size of the tempates 1.5, 2, 3 etc. refer to the size of the block?
  6. I really appreciate all the advice. I think I will definitly check out some of these rulers. Of course, what I really need to do is PPP!!!
  7. When you do CC do you freehand or use a template? If you use a template, what is your favoriate to use? Do you need different size templates depending on your block? Thanks for the advice. Ann
  8. Wow, you gals have great ideas. This is very helpful. Our group runs from 15-25 and like I said is very diverse in experience. It's somewhat structured but certainly not Roberts Rules. Once we get into the project at hand it becomes pretty informal. This past year we had a different project every month. Several of the ladies didn't complete it and once they returned home and let it sit several days, weeks, month....can't remember how to finish. Other projects were doable in the meeting. I appreciate your suggestions. I must share a funny story about Roberts Rules. Many years ago when my children were in elementary, I became the PTO president. I had one of the other PtO moms (whom I had never met) drill me on whether or not I was well versed in Roberts Rules of Order. I didn't even know who Robert was. Needless to say, I bought a book and tried to bone up on the "rules". We did not become best friends!
  9. Our church has a quilting group that meets once a month. We are trying to get organize for next year and I'm looking for ideas. What kinds of things do other quilt groups do? We have a diverse group...some are true beginners while others are very advanced. How do you meet the needs of everyone? I would love to hear what you do in your group? Thanks Ann Horsley
  10. Beautiful quilt and quilting. Wish we could see it in person.
  11. I made a list of who to look for. If I forgot someone, let me know. Caron Carlson Linda Craig Caren Martin Victoriasews Jane Michener Sonia Lee Lynn - aka Quiltmummo Ann Horsley and Heidi's two quilts
  12. Haven't been on in awhile, but wearing a blue ribbon with APQS works for me, too. Going upstairs to make one now so I don't forget. See you there. Ann
  13. I too have the panel and was wondering how to quilt. This would be a good one to practice a little thread play. Thanks for sharing. Ann