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  1. The quilt is awesome! I have all the blocks made and a picture of the quilt in front of me but can not figure out for the life of me how the gals sewed it together going around all the jagged edges. Sure wish I knew more about piecing as have been trying to get mine together for two weeks and it is still laying on the table. I may have to send it to Kathy to get her group to put it together for me!!
  2. Thanks, I got the pattern ordered and off to shop for white tone on tone material
  3. Beautiful. What is the name of the pattern and can it be purchased as I would love to make it.
  4. I agree with Carmen as I too move my templates to different positions.
  5. John, Are you no longer selling APQS but switched to KenQuilt machines? Do you have any Millennium bobbins and bobbin cases for sale?
  6. Sounds wonderful. Can you take a few pictures and post as I sure am wanting the bliss. Thanks, Shirley
  7. Thanks Lynn. I have searched the net and can not find a pattern or a quilt kit for Dear Santa. If she wants to sell the pattern I would be interested in buying it from her.
  8. Your quilting is awesome! Do you know the name of the Dear Santa pattern as I would love to make it or was it a kit?
  9. Thanks. I hope I get them adjusted. The friend that put them on for me did not use all the washers as the directions said so not sure if that is contributing to my problem also?
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