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  1. Help! Have a Lenni and the rubber grippy parts on the bottom of the knobs that hold the rollers tight have worn out. They never gripped really well, but now having to stick velcro on the roller under the knob. Really should take pictures so you can see what this is all about. Has anyone else had this trouble? MIne is one of the first Lenni's. Can't quilt unless the fabric stays tight between the rollers. All suggestions welcome!
  2. The rubber grippy parts on the bottom of the handles that secure the Lenni rollers have stopped holding the rollers in place. I have all sorts of improvisations, but need to know what to do that will really work. Right now I have two layers of sticky velcro, but it's not holding firmly..... If you have had this happen, please let me know your solutions! Thanks, Nancy
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