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  1. I would like to know the directions for playing the Quilters' Strip Poker. We play the left, right, center game at our retreats and I would like something new to try. Thanks,
  2. You might want to list where you are located.
  3. I went to Lowes and had them cut me a 17 1/2 inch square of plexiglass. I use it to square up these embroidery blocks so that they fit together and ignore the stitching lines. They usually are not printed correctly.
  4. I have an older Babylock Ellegante and it has a knee lift. So you might find a used machine.
  5. That is such a cute quilt and your quilting is outstanding.
  6. It looks great on your bed. I think you should keep it. LOL You both did a great job on this quilt.
  7. I think Joanns sells this. It came on a 60 inch roll. It is stiff but my millie liked it. Good luck.
  8. Yes, I have IQ on my milli. I had it on a 2007 model and traded up my machine, I think in 2014. I took it off the 2007, sold that machine and then put it on the new one (also upgraded to super motors). I love how easy it is to use. I don't use all of the capabilities because I don't do custom work. That is about to change because I want to do some custom on some tops that I have been saving. I took IQ to demo to some friends that had quilt path and they thought my system is easier to use. I can't say anything about quilt path because I have never used it.
  9. That is so cute and you did a fantastic job quilting it.
  10. I have a milli and haven't had problems with it. I also have IQ software and I love it. It is easy to use and the updates are free.
  11. I don't have videos but it is super easy to use and if you have IQ computer on your machine, you can clean them up easily.
  12. I have IQ and I think it is really easy to use.
  13. I did the same thing as Gail O but if you take the screw out of the clamps, they will go right through the hole in the OXO bag clamps. I also use Sharon (can't remember last name right now) method of making a leader with a dowel rod that you can pin to the sides and then use the curtain rod and it works great.