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  1. On 7/21/2020 at 4:51 AM, Sharon Deming said:

    Thanks Selena. I have missed Dorothy. It took me over a year to part with her stash. I would occasionally sew with a bag of her fabric nearby. Many of my quilting friends bought her fabric and supplies and all of the money I collected from the sale was sent to her favorite charity: Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia. She served as their treasurer for several years.It is a real blessings when I see her fabric in quilts made by my guild sisters. I haven't posted in the blog since then - life has seasons.

    Nick, just to clarify Quilters' Strip Poker is NOT a card game!! It is a hilarious and often riotous game involving 2.5" strips of fabric often played by quilters at a quilting retreat. Whoever wins the game winds up with ALL of the 2.5" strips and my guild expects the winner to make a quilt from them to show the guild at the next meeting. Blessings ALL!

    I would like to know the directions for playing the Quilters' Strip Poker.  We play the left, right, center game at our retreats and I would like something new to try.  


  2. Yes, I have IQ on my milli.  I had it on a 2007 model and traded up my machine,  I think in 2014.  I took it off the 2007, sold that machine and then put it on the new one (also upgraded to super motors).  I love how easy it is to use.  I don't use all of the capabilities because I don't do custom work.  That is about to change because I want to do some custom on some tops that I have been saving.  I took IQ to demo to some friends that had quilt path and they thought my system is easier to use.  I can't say anything about quilt path because I have never used it.

  3. With IQ you can do the no sew zone.  If the block is wonky, you can mark the block by clicking around the outside edges of it and fitting your quilting design inside the block.  You can adjust the size of the design to fit that wonky block.  Plus the easy thing about using the IQ is you can go from manual to computerized quilting in seconds by just touching the screen right in front of you (tablet is mounted on machine head) in seconds.

  4. I have taken my featherweight to classes too.  I bought a Phaff passport 2 that I am now using.  I got it just before the passport 3 came out.  The 3 has a thread cutter that I wish I had on the 2.  It has several stitches but I haven't used them.  I went to Harbor Freight and bought a rolling tool bag for $20.00 that the sewing machine fits in and it works great.  The bag has pockets for the cord and foot control.

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