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  1. Any quilting ideas for a homespun quilt made of primitive looking flannel?
  2. I am selling my 2007 milli to upgrade to the new machine. I bought this machine in Nov of 2007. It comes with a 14 foot table, edgerider wheels, turbo winder, and fabric advance. Price is $11,500 and I am located in Southern IL. SOLD
  3. I like the look of your site. The word "the" is spelled incorrectly in question 1 of the faq section if you want to correct it.
  4. Has anyone used this panto? I am looking for an digital iris panto that isn't too dense. I can't really tell about this one and when I click on the picture to enlarge it on her site it doesn't work. I am open to any ideas for others but I need to get started today.
  5. I have one that would make this look like a piece of cake. It has sashing of STRETCH fabric so you can imagine the problems. I am thinking I will call her and say I can't quilt this out. The blocks will stand an inch off the ironing board. It also has piecing open. How in the world do they do this?
  6. A friend of mine yelled at me recently for having a pin in my mouth (same kind yellow flower pin). I told her I do it all the time. Her husband had been helping her with a project at school (she is a retired teacher) one time and swallowed the pin. She spent the rest of the day at the hospital with him. Needless to say his help really didn't help. LOL So, I guess it could happen but I am still guiltly of doing it.
  7. Cute, cute, cute and the quilting looks great too.
  8. i wish I could have found a deal like this when I was looking for a machine.
  9. I sent you a private message on how I do it. I hope it helps.
  10. I have been keeping up with your journey throughout this trial. You have my deepest sympathy. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope God will see you through.
  11. I did 10 at Christmas. I took off white fabric about 120" wide and loaded it for top and backing. I had some digital placemat designs that stitched the outline and then quilted the placemat with the design. It was fast and worked like a charm.
  12. I used the Solvy over the blocks and it worked great. Thanks for the advice.
  13. I have a quilt that has 2 cathedral window blocks in an inside border and 5 on the center of the quilt. She wants me to do a panto. Can it be done without catching the foot? And if so, how should I do it?
  14. Go to Walmart and buy a box of LCR dice game. (That stands for left, center, right). Ask everyone to bring 2 fat quarters. The directions are in the game but you roll the dice and you may have to pass your fat quarters to the right, left, or center. Last one gets all of the fat quarters. It is pretty fast and lots of fun. I have also used it with the small candy bars.
  15. I have had this pattern for over 2 years and still have not made it. Yours looks great.
  16. I really like the quilt. How big is the panel in the center? I have a lot of panels that I would like to make bigger and this looks like a great pattern. Do you happen to remember the name of the pattern?
  17. I was there. That is a great looking quilt.
  18. I had a great time at the show and helped the economy for the area. I really enjoyed the meeting at Pizza Inn. I would love to know the ending of the car parts being delivered. (some will know what I mean by this) Thanks Judy for setting up this meeting. Maybe we can do it again next year.
  19. Does anyone know when and where the moda frenzy is taking place? I am going to try to be at the Pizza Inn on Thursday.
  20. Judy, it is a digitized pattern from Three Sisters Quilting. http://www.threesistersfabric.com/digitized-patterns-109/feathers-113/abundant-feathers-interlocking-e2e-1385.html
  21. Yes, I got an email from them yesterday with the schedule.
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