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  1. I am going too. I love this show and it is close to home.
  2. I have used monovision contacts for years and love it. I hated the glasses. I was teaching at the time I had to give in and wear glasses. I was constantly looking up and down in the classroom and the bifocals would kill me. My eyes were constantly trying to focus. With the contacts that wasn't a problem. It took about 2 weeks for my brain to adjust but it has been great.
  3. I always have a hard time using panels and this one looks really good. There will be a happy owner of this quilt.
  4. I think your site looks good. You have a nice selection of pantos to offer.
  5. Great view for your new shop and the building is perfect. I hope you have many successful years.
  6. There is the this same model Bernina advertised in my area. How old is this machine? Does it have the dual feed (can't remember the exact term for this right now)? Is it a heavy machine? I was thinking about it for my camper.
  7. I am doing 4 charity quilts for a friend and would like a fast panto that looks good going either direction. I was thinking I would put 2 on horizontially and get them done faster. Any suggestions?
  8. Or does she mean that they helped get a new machine delievered from Santa?
  9. I only have the 3.5 needles and of course she needs this for Christmas.
  10. Has anyone tried to quilt on satin with success? I have a quilt that has satin borders and sashing with the blocks made of Crown Royal bags. I am afraid that the needle will make runs in the satin. Do you understand what I am talking about? Should I tell her to try to do this on a domestic machine? Any advice will be appreciated.
  11. I thought someone on this site had a quilt that was set together with the large 14" embroidery blocks and had a star in the sashings. I have searched and can't find it. Was it on this site?
  12. I no longer will attempt angel food cakes. I mixed up a mix, put in in the pan and the cake looked like a mushroom over the top of the cake pan. I called my hubby and he decided we needed to cut the top off to let it have room to rise. It just kept doing it. Threw that one away. Next attempt (bought a larger, taller pan). Same thing happened. I made a promise that I have kept for 42 years----Never bake an angel food cake again.
  13. I just had to do the same thing with my milli last night. This was the second time to adjust in 4 years (but I don't use my machine as much as others). It was a little harder to get to the screw this time because I had added IQ and some of those screws were in my way.
  14. The anilee was the one I wanted. Thanks for the site.
  15. I think someone suggested a binding ruler on this forum that fit around the hopping foot. I don't rembember the name but I thought it was Ami. Anyone know what I am talking about? I want to order one and can't find anything through the search.
  16. I have embroidered on this type of fabric and made yard flags. They had a pretty dense design and I didn't have any problems.
  17. I have the Westminister Big Shot Pro that will take Go dies, Studio dies, Sizzix dies, or dies from any other company. It is not portable but will cut more layers that the Go. (It was also a lot cheaper that the Studio and just a little more than the Go).
  18. My mom always said, "What goes around, comes around". This time is was for you and in a good way.
  19. I have used the Babylock to attach zippers to my leaders. It has a cover stitch, and a chain stitch. I just used the chain stitch to put the zippers on and pull one thread to take them off. My older Husqvarna does a cover stitch too but it is complicated to change everything to make it work.
  20. I have a Babylock Evolve. I like it because it has the air jet threading. I also still own a Husqvarna. I like features on it but it is so hard to thread. Go for one that is easy to thread.
  21. I use a product called Zalfel (I think that is the way it is spelled). It is expensive about $40.00 a tube but if you use it right away it really dries it up.
  22. You should do it. It will be a highlight for your mother. Hoping the best for her condition.
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