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  1. we have done this many times when we have wanted to use a ribbon type thread that will load in the bobbin but not on top (example: we made spiderwebs on a spiderman type quilt)
  2. I think Chantilly Lace would be pretty. adds some good texture and will soften the quilt with its curves.
  3. we got a bunch of the Ziplock storage bags in various sizes (L and XL we did get XXL but it is HUGE)and store them hanging in them. They are great. I cansee whats in them and nothing can get at them. Our customers loved the idea so much that they bought a bunch to put in their goodie bags at their recent quilt retreat!
  4. Well I'm cnfused, LOL I threaded the machine our old way (not correctly and I have perfect stitches.. so I think for now I am going to keep threading it wrong and finish up the quilts until Summer when we are not so busy then I will try to make it work properly. Thank you all for your advice!
  5. Thank you.. I'll see if it popped out of tension. I am using the same thread as they did in the shop, I can't remember what kind I have on right now... funny thing is our machine always did like cheap thread but I know I have some good stuff on right now. I'll check the tension disks... luckily I took pictures in the shop.
  6. Our Gammill Classic was in desperate need of a service ( needles breaking constantly due to timing troubles that I couldn't get sorted out and more) So I had it into the tech today. I went into the service room with him and he went over a few things with me. We bought our machine used and it turns out we have been using the wrong bobbins and threading the machine wrong for 4 years (!!!!) so he showed me the bobbins and how to thread properly and went over the oiling points with me (I was doing THAT right YAY) he showed me some practice stiches with thread I brought from home all done at vario
  7. We got a phone call today from the local fabric store saying that a lady had dropped off a quilt for us to do ... BEFORE Christmas! Yikes.. We're not super busy but we stopped taking quilts to do before Chistmas back in the beginning of November. We still have a baby quilt to finish piecing and quilt, a couch size quilt to make into a queen (wish us luck) and two wall hangings to do... none of which will take super long but to throw in an unexpected quilt for a lady we have never done anything for is crazy. I phoned her tonight and explained that we were super busy and that we probably would
  8. <a href=" title="IMG_3417 by koraskamera, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="IMG_3417" /></a> this little guy was in the flower garden on the weekend!
  9. I dont know anything about the quilt shops there but I love the Twilight series. Have you read The Host, written by Stephanie Meyers it is a great read!! I hope you take some photos in Forks! Oh ... and some great fabric shops too!!
  10. My DIL and I have a longarm business and thought we would try selling finished quilts. We have a table at the Farmers Market in Whistler B.C. To date we have sold two small quilts and a cushion! We have thirty quilts in various sizes, shapes, and colours. Our king size quilt is $800.00, it is a huge draw to the table as we hang it out full so it can be seen from a distance. Everyone loves it ... however when we tell the the price they run like we have taken a cattle prod to them. It doesnt seem to matter which quilt they pick up ... I count to three and wait for the questions ... do y
  11. <a href=""><img src="" alt="IMG_2671"></a><a href=""><img src="" alt="IMG_2675"></a> <a href=""><img src="" alt="IMG_2676">&
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  13. My friends mother passed away years ago leaving her a pile of quilt blocks and ufo s. These blocks, all handstitched, were made for her niece. Lynda added sashing and borders, I quilted it with a rose panto. The panto suited the pattern, Lynda and her cousin were thrilled!
  14. We had the same problem. The little metal wire kept falling off ... the tension was horrible ... we stopped using it for our Gammill. I don t know how it is for regular sewing machines, I did not try it!
  15. Perhaps the toughest but most rewarding hike in the region is to Upper Joffre Lake. The three lakes in this subalpine chain are strung like a turquoise necklace on the mountainside below the massive Joffre Glacier Group. This is a 11.5 km hike(return) with a 400 metre climb. Look at the view, it was worth every step! <a href=" title="Matier Glacier at upper Joffre Lake by koraskamera, on Flickr"><img src="" width="375" height="500" alt="Matier Glacier at upper Joffre Lake" /></a>,<a href=" title=