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  1. But what if the quilt that the daughter picked as the winner really was worthy of winning?
  2. Sneaky employees were Santa's helper. Mrs Kreacher's new beau is George.
  3. Ya know why one side of the V is longer than the other? More birds on the long side.
  4. The foreman on a sod laying crew must continuously yell, "Green side up."
  5. Has anyone purchased embroidery patterns from Embird and how was the experience?
  6. I've had a Wacom Intuos for a long time. Works good. But, I just checked out some dude on youtube using a Wacom tablet with a different pen. With this pen, a piece of paper lays over the tablet. You actually draw on the paper with the pen and it also transfers your drawing to the computer. Seems super cool.
  7. Switch to the Kelvin scale for measuring temperature and things don't seem quite so cold. In fact, today's temperature here, about +20F would actually be about 263 degrees K. That sounds hot.
  8. The best cure for this type of behaivor in a dog is excerise. A tired dog is a content dog.