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  1. My Millie has been sold! She go to a great new home and soon my new Millie30 with Intelliquilter will be delivered and installed by Patty Butcher. APQS is the best
  2. The 30” head won’t fit on the regular tables. I could meet you half way or ship it to you
  3. $23,000.00 plus shipping APQS long arm quilting machine with Intelliquilter (IQ) computer2012 Millennium, 26 inch arm with L bobbin on a 14 foot Bliss track table, Quilt glide, stitch regulator, auto quilt advance and 2012 IQ computer. This machine is in excellent condition. I am upgrading to a 30 inch Millennium with IQ.Machine is located in Pensacola, FloridaPlease contact Jolene Kneemiller for additional details and/or questions at
  4. JoleneK

    Lost a Fan.

    I am also enjoying the new format. I haven't been on the forum much over the past year and am recently checking in more often. The new format seems pretty easy to use. The first time I came on I couldn't find the "Smiley" buttom, this was because I was on my IPAD... Tablets (IPAD) don't have the toolbar the compuiters do Good job APQS! Job well done.
  5. Love the clean line quilting...
  6. JoleneK

    New Forum!!!

    The above emotion con only came up because I had manually put in the : & (. So I still need help...
  7. JoleneK

    New Forum!!!

    I really like the new format, but I can't find how a place a "emoticon" . Can anyone direct me please!
  8. Your quilting is amazing! Beautiful quilt
  9. JoleneK


    Oh my! Lots of pieces... Beautiful quilt, I bet Barb will be honored to hang it
  10. Turned out awesome! Love the end results and you're right the border made the quilt and tied it all together.
  11. Awesome love story... Best wishes and many, many happy years together!
  12. JoleneK

    prayers please....

    Praying for your sister!
  13. Gorgeous quilt, your quilting really made the quilt stand out. Great job!
  14. JoleneK

    Opinions, Please!

    Any chance you can post a photo so we can see the quilt? You most of us quilters need visuals (I know I do).
  15. Thanks for your fix it solution. This will be very handy.