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  1. My Millie has been sold! She go to a great new home and soon my new Millie30 with Intelliquilter will be delivered and installed by Patty Butcher. APQS is the best
  2. The 30” head won’t fit on the regular tables. I could meet you half way or ship it to you
  3. $23,000.00 plus shipping APQS long arm quilting machine with Intelliquilter (IQ) computer2012 Millennium, 26 inch arm with L bobbin on a 14 foot Bliss track table, Quilt glide, stitch regulator, auto quilt advance and 2012 IQ computer. This machine is in excellent condition. I am upgrading to a 30 inch Millennium with IQ.Machine is located in Pensacola, FloridaPlease contact Jolene Kneemiller for additional details and/or questions at kneemillerj@hotmail.com
  4. What machine do you have? The Hartley fits APQS machines. They specify with thread cutter or without. Dory has a APQS Millennium, so her base extended would be the one with thread cutter.
  5. If you have to ask - then you need one. It slides onto the throat of the machine and provides a stable area to do ruler work. Give a larger area to balance the rulers. I use mine constantly. It really makes a difference in keeping the rulers steady.
  6. I with Satu, thinking it must have been a great table set up if you're posting pics of a bowl of soup.:) Cute quilt, the swirls are near perfect so I'm thinking your Compuquilter was in action.
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