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  1. Linda I've never had the opportunity to use the "onion & garlic".....would you recommend marking for continuity in spacing or would you just go for it? Great ideas and recommendations here...thanks. Michelle
  2. I've had this happen just as you described. Nothing made it better. It was bad with a dark blue minky and I was using a light colored thread for the lighter top....had to switch to a dark blue thread to make it less obvious. Still love minky backs.
  3. Pam Sent you a U2U with my email address. Trying to avoid the spammers. Michelle
  4. Hi Pam I sent you a U2U. I have a Design Center and Workstation for sale. It will only fit a Gammill Classic table. I've never had the time to learn how to use it....and I don't see that I will have the time in the near future. So if you are interested...I can send pictures via email. It takes me too long to figure out how to post pictures on this forum...lol. Thanks MIchelle
  5. Very nice Elita....do mind sharing how you did your starts/stops?? Did you knot & bury your tails or did you take tiny stitches??
  6. I recently did custom on a quilt with flange and the top appeared flat. My quilting near the flange caused the flange to slightly "ruffle". Are there any tips to prevent this?? The last quilt I did with flange didn't have as much dense quilting and I assume that is why it stayed flat. SHouldn't we quilt near the seam to catch the seam allowance of the the flange...to keep it set in place?? Or is that what causes the "ruffling"?
  7. For $59...it seems you could buy quite a few blades. A while back I was surprised to find so many rotary blades are for sale on Ebay...reasonably priced too. I bought them and I probably have a life time supply. Much cheapper than $59....does anyone know why or how they sell them so cheap on Ebay...they seem like new. Are they recycled with a "Truesharp"?? LOL
  8. Also...Nancy's Calico is in Newport News...another nice shop.
  9. There are several quilt shops...just spread out. What's Your Stitch n Stuff A Different Touch Quilting Bee Fabric Hut Sarah's Thimble The first two are within approx 6 miles of each other and not far off the interstate.
  10. SOLD thanks for the responses FOR SALE: Making room for new...this is a great starter set with large patterns. Pantos are gently used and the books must be an older version as they are black/white covers with colored spirals. Will sell the complete package for $200 and that includes shipping in US. Please contact U2U. Pocket Guides to Freehanding by DARLENE EPP (Colored Spirals with black/white covers) -Texture and Fillers -Meanderings -Borders & Sashings PANTOGRAPHS: Flower Power 5", 7"& 9" ... Jelly Bean Quilter Feathered Flower (overall and border)... Jel
  11. Thank you for your kind comments. I gave my friend her quilt today and she loved it. Makes it all worth it. I love sharing and learning from my longarm friends. It is so nice to get together and chat about quilty things. Shannon is so generous with ideas. She has a great blog and wonderful block swaps...she is very organized!!