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  1. I have a Lenni, could you please explain more what you are talking about, I have not heard anything about a break, I would appreciate more information or where to find it. Thanks Penny
  2. Hi I too have a Lenni & live In the San Francisco bay area, If Ripon does not work out for you Id be happy for you to come by & check out mine. Penny.
  3. If your going to look at a Panasonic google their website. I ordered their N!-L70Sr from Amazon last week, it has slightly more power on their base to heat up faster & also now have a jet steam button. My mistake I did not check E Bay beofre I ordered it, I could have bought it for $16.00 cheaper. I have been using a cheap cordless iron I bought at Big Lots for $25.00 I have used for two years & its keeps falling apart, but it was a cheap way to see if I liked cordless irons & I love it. Il let you know how I like the new iron, but Amazon ,Panasonics cheaper model does have good feedback positive & negative.
  4. I just checked all my rollers & all were working loose. Now tightened & my husband said when Im rolling the leaders onto the roller, roll on the right side of the joint only , when Im unrolling, unroll it on the left side of the joint.THAT WAY THE JOINT SHOULD REMAIN TIGHT. I have also put masking tape over the joints as well. The side pieces he said we could just sand off the paint on the spots its rubbing, otherwise it will soon just finish working that bit of paint & it will stop.. Penny I.
  5. Rita I too have a problem with black soot coming from the ends of my rails & from the middle. it was staining one of my leaders so I taped the center with masking tape, it had not occured to me they may be loosing up , Ill have to take a close look when I take my quilt off tomorrow. Penny I.
  6. I received my Topper Friday, speedy shipping, well packed, & easy to install & the tool is fantastic. I LOVE it. So easy to move around, very smooth. The CL & HF were way out of my league as I am a hobby quilter . I am also a newbie to quilting & this tool has opened up many more doors for me I look forward to more designs. I was shopping for different rulers when The Topper arrived on the market for me there was no question. Thank you Linda & Dennis for making this available:) Im having way too much fun using it. Penny I.
  7. Hi I live in the San Francisco bay area but I travel a lot to Seattle as I have a son who lives on Bainbridge Island. If your going to Bainbridge Island downtown Winslow has a small fabric store, but I suggest as you get off the ferry head straight down the road about 15 20 minutes later you will find Poulsbo go to the wonderful historic little town, & you wil find Heirloom Quilts, I love that store. Another place to visit is Undercover Quilts in Pikes market. Then is you are on I 5 near Tacoma an absolute must is The Shibori Dragon, in Lakewood , they expanded last year & I LOVE this store unusual patterns fabric & now yummy yarns:) Visit online www.shiboridragon.com. I have other stores but I think you will not be near them. Penny.
  8. About 15 inches of quilting space:)
  9. Well Rita I have been practicing with my Lenni without thread, I can see where my tracks are because the needle is so large, just getting the feel for the machine & a rhythm practicing without the stitch regulator. Yes I too thought we would get a fly wheel cover as when I ordered Lenni I ordered one & they said not neccessary as now all machines came with one. I was very disappointed with the Superior Thread selection, I got 5 cones & green bobbins you seem to have a lot more in your photo & a choice of colored bobbins I would have thought Id get their Bottom Line & Poly, I got Lava, King Tut, Poly Quilter & a Rainbow. Oh well dont know what happened to the rest of mine. Its a small thing compared to such a wonderful machine I too find the clamps for the leaders very hard to open, & yes I agree the side leader velcro seems to not hold but probably enough. When you get your velcro for your rails it is strong & works very well. Penny ( yes Im a Penny too:)
  10. Wow Julie you have really been moving with your Lenni. We got my Lenni fired up just before dinner last night, then we were exhausted so this am I played a little & am just thrilled it is so exciting, this machine is going to so much fun. I wont be able to play with her too much at present as other things are intruding but come New Year I will not let Lenni rest much Letme know how your 100 inch quilt goes. Penny.
  11. Rita we too thought we did not have the biscuit, but we did It looked like a piece of packing &was called a shim ,but it was the right size & it fit so we feel it was the biscuit:). My machine had a funny noise when we fired her up a rattle that came from the back ,but DH pinpointed it took the cover off & found a green wire that was pinched between the motor brush holder & the top cover at the back on the right. he repositioned it & the machine purrs now.
  12. My Lenni arrived at 1pm yesterday, I am a complete newbie to Long Arm but my DH who has so far assembled the frame,( head is still in the box:)) says the manual APQS supplied is superior & he thinks the best he has ever seen as to details comprehension etc etc. I am looking forward to getting the head out & hopefully finding the DVD to Beginning Long Arm Quilting, but I have already bought Myrna Fickens DVD & it is WONDERFUL, thank you Myrna.