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  1. I did a 2 denim quilts recently. I did straight line stitching across the entire quilt vertical and horizontal. the end result was a 'plaid' look. it was wonderful to avoid all the bulky intersections. I'll try to post a pic. Carmen
  2. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but...... I had a similar prob when I got my used Liberty. I could not make smooth circles or even l's and e's. Going around applique was miserable. It turned out I had a warped carriage wheel. replaced that and prob solved. Occasionally, it seems my machine is a bit 'jumpy' and its usually b/c there's thread caught in one of the wheels. Carmen
  3. I am in NW Iowa. I started LAing about 2 years ago. the first 2 years have been kind of hit and miss. since last fall I have always had a few on hand. this morning a lady brought me 5! I have 3 upstairs yet to be quilted. I try to do 1 quilt a week. this is perfect for me. I did advertise off and on for the first year. I now have a few repeat customers. I do all freehand. no computer, no pantos. I like creativity! I see some of you are doing 20 or more a month! WOW! but then I also have a farmer husband and 5 children whom I cherish. I like to spend time with them too. I'm hoping quilts slow down just a bit this summer b/c number 6 is due in May. It would be a lot easier if I don't have to feel guilty about taking so long to finish a quilt. Carmen Ireton, IA
  4. Shannon, what great timing! A week or so ago, I posted a thread wondering just how to do this basting on the LA. losts of wonderful answers came back. I never thought about pricing as my project is for my church guild and I will be doing that free of charge. you can be sure that I will keep track of my time so if a customer needs this done I can charge accordingly. thanks to everybody for all the great info I can soak up on these pages. Carmen
  5. thanks everybody for all your advice. this sounds very easy!! Carmen
  6. is it possible to baste the \'sandwich\' together on my LA? this quilt is to be hand quilted by ladies from my church guild. the thought of hand basting and crawling on the floor isn\'t too exciting! any suggestions are appreciated. Carmen
  7. You\'re gonna think I\'m crazy, but I\'d like to be busier. I\'ve had my machine about 2 months and am loving it! I have had one customer quilt in so far and am doing my mom\'s. My goal is to do 2 quilts a month just to make the payments on the machine. Finding time for me is quite easy as I am a stay at home mom. when my two are napping is when I do my quilting, but when the three school children get off the bus, busy, busy, busy! My DH used to work nite shift, so I don\'t care to quilt when he is in the house, I\'m savoring my time with him that I missed out on for 5 1/2 yrs Carmen
  8. Hi, i'm new to the LA business. my ad comes out in local papers tomorrow. How do you price a quilt with 2 designs. an all-over and a seperate for the border. would you charge the all-over price for the square inches that are done with, say, a simple meander and the panto price for the # of sq.in. in the border? or a 2-design price for the total sq.in.? thanks for your help. Carmen