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  1. I'm looking to purchase some used Design Boards. They'd need to be the larger ones as they'll be used with a 26" throat machine. Thanks!
  2. Just FYI- you can find all of Glide colors and sizes and even the new Glide 60 on my website- Quiltedjoy.com I hope that helps!
  3. Sold! I have a sweet Lenni who has barely been used here in the APQS showroom in Louisville, Ky. He was born in 2013 and has been babied all of his life. He has upright handles, 20" throat, stitch regulation, interchangeable hopping foot, L bobbin, and a manual horizontal channel lock. He has never been "owned" by anyone. He has only been used in the showroom for the occasional class and test drives. He comes with a 1 year APQS factory warranty and a new table- your choice of size, 10 or 12 foot. Lenni would ship directly to you with a stand alone bobbin winder. He is a GREAT machine! If you'd like to add Bliss to the table it is an additional $1,000. If you'd like more info about the machine, click here. If you'd like to snag Lenni, all we'd need is a $500 fully refundable deposit! Give me a call (502) 718-7148.
  4. I've got a 2013 sweet APQS George for only $4,750 with a three year warranty! This machine has been in my APQS showroom and has only been used for a few hours. It has been babied and cared for diligently. For more info on what is included hop over to this post: http://www.quiltedjoy.com/2016/05/used-2013-apqs-george-sale.html Give me a ring if you have any questions! (502) 718-7148
  5. Try going around the wheel one more time with the thread. Sometimes certain threads don't "grab" the ridges in that thread break detector wheel and when the wheel doesn't spin it will set off the thread break alarm. Let us know if that helps!
  6. My understanding is that there are many, many shops starting to carry Fil-Tec threads and that they will transition to being a wholesale supplier. You can find Glide in my online shop as well as most of the other APQS stores too- and a host of other retail shops too! I hope that helps!
  7. The 9.7" is the BasiQ and the 12" is the ClassiQ. The BasiQ has refurbished motors and a few of the super high end editing features are not on the BasiQ. The ClassiQ has everything and SuperMotors too. There is also the ClassiQ-LTE which has about 10" tablet but the same exact software as the ClassiQ and is a good compromise if budget is an issue. I have a number of customers who love their BasiQ systems. I also have a bunch who love their ClassiQ- LTE and ClassiQ system. So... it is hard to tell you which is the best fit for you without knowing the kind of quilting you prefer. Are you doing a lot of high level custom quilting? If so, go for one of the ClassiQ versions. Are you a more utilitarian quilter? Then the BasiQ might be better for you. I'd be happy to talk more about their differences. My phone number is below!
  8. Oh my! What a treat to pop in here and trip over this post! Thank you so much for the kind words and I'm delighted you enjoyed your classes! You've got me smiling from ear to ear!
  9. Cagey, You are correct- you can download the video files and the extensive booklets/handouts to your computer so you can access it where ever you want. The videos will all be up on the CraftU site for student for the duration of the two month class. You'll want to follow the instructions on how to back up those video files to a backup drive in the cloud or burn DVDs on your computer to store the files in case your computer should die as the video files will be taken down after the two month class is over. And, yes, I'll have virtual office hours so you can pick my brain with questions as much as you like.
  10. Rita, If you click on the class page it is listed in the upper right hand corner. Here's another link if you need it! I put my final touches on the 35+ page booklet that comes with it too! Oodles of stuff to download with this one! https://www.craftonlineuniversity.com/courses/longarm-fundamentals I hope that helps!
  11. Mary, Bring it with you to the show and we'll look at it in the booth. If you want to order one to have it waiting on you at the booth just call the factory. Do it soon, though, you need to get it on the truck before it starts winding its way to Paducah. We don't bring notions like that to shows but if you order ahead of time you can swing by and snag it when you come!
  12. This two month class launches on Monday! I am finalizing the mountain of downloadable printouts that cover free motion designs, alternative feather shapes to make beginner feathers so much simpler, reference sheets for beginning custom block designs, client consultation forms, and oodles more! I've had a few people ask me so you should know that this class applies to any brand machine. All the videos can be downloaded to your computer so you can watch the video lessons whenever you want even after the class forums close. We have a student gallery and student forums as well as virtual office hours with me as your instructor! I hope you can join me!
  13. I'll be teaching at MQX this year. The Beginner class I'm teaching would be perfect for you. E268-15 Essential Skills: Simple Beginnings Into Longarm Quilting with Angela Huffman Take a look and see what you think! I'd love to have you in class.
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