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  1. I'm looking to purchase some used Design Boards. They'd need to be the larger ones as they'll be used with a 26" throat machine. Thanks!
  2. I typically use a grey Omni thread with Hobbs poly batt on the tshirt quilts I do for customers. I use a wide open meander and the shirts have all been stabilized with a non-woven fusible interfacing. I make sure not to leave any area bigger than a generous fist unquilted. They go FAST and I can make really good money doing t-shirt quilts- especially if my computer is stitching them while I'm working on something else.
  3. Nancy, that is so incredibly impressive. I think most of us would love to have the opportunity to sit at your feet and watch you create. We'd all learn a TON, I'm sure!
  4. Chris, Take a look at my tutorial and you'll see it. I didn't use the shrink wrap to connect the pieces of tubing. Instead I used a dowel screw which is much more stable and, I found, easier for me to install. HTH!
  5. Bonnie, When I started using Red Snappers I couldn't turn the pages in a book for about 4 days. After those first four days it didn't hurt my hands, though. I've found the LeaderGrips didn't need that breaking in period. With the slight modifications I made to the Leadergrips I'm happy with them. If I hadn't made those modifications I don't think I would be as happy. Also, I found the Red Snappers are heavier and I found I would bump into them on the first pass of a quilt. I'm not finding that difficulty with LeaderGrips. Plus, I really like the LeaderGrip company and I wanted to support them.
  6. I recently installed LeaderGrips on my new Millie and did a blog post about how I sewed the casings and some modifications I made to increase the strength in the junction points. You might find it helpful. It is over on my blog.
  7. The new forum is here! I'm so excited!

  8. I'm wanting to velcro it to the left handle so I can just "stick" it on the handle when I want to use it. Except it is too long to fit between the mushroom handle and the bend in the Mille handle. If it were just a couple inches shorter it would be much better. Once you get yours try it out and see how you are going to mount it. Maybe I'm just not thinking through how best to configure it to our handles.
  9. In the most recent update the ability to use a USB remote presentation clicker was released. You can use it to click in points of a block or to mark on the quilt or to start/stop IQ. It is pretty slick and I used it recently on an Irish Chain which really sped me up. However, I don't like the USB remote I bought. I got this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0026PDWNY/ref=oh_o01_s00_i03_details It is too long for our APQS handles. If it were about half the size, it would be perfect. I liked it because it was skinny and it had an interior storage place to put the USB. However, that interior storage place makes it too long. It works great, it just doesn't fit well with our handles. Has anyone found a USB wireless presentation remote for their APQS/IQ that they like?
  10. Yep, contact your rep and she'll put your order in for your new Bliss table. I got to play on it in Paducah and I was incredibly impressed!
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