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  1. Thanks, but looking for a digital pantograph....sorry I wasn't clear.
  2. Hi. I am hoping someone can help me find a pattern/design that I know I saw...but can't find when I need it! I have googled every key word and site I can think of. The pattern is a love bug car, pulling a trailer.....kind of like an airstream trailer. Has anyone seen or used this? Would so appreciate finding it.
  3. Hey...I have a superman quilt in and wonder if anyone has any suggestions of a good action pantograph for it? The fabric looks straight out a comic book, with large squares Superman mainly in it. Any ideas? Thanks, Deb
  4. Beautiful quilt and quilting! Can you please tell us whose designs those are? I'd love to purchase them. Did you use IQ for the crosshatching or do that freehand? -Debra
  5. Wow! That is beautiful! Your quilting is fantastic. Glad you shared... please share the quilt pattern you used for the top.
  6. How bad is it? I had this happen to me, when I tried to steam out a bit of extra fabric. I used a product called Sew Clean, that I got in the US, thru Pam Clark. Phone her and see if she still carries it.
  7. Love this quilt! I have been asked to make one and you've given so many creative ideas. Thanks, Debra
  8. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I was showing someone how to do a panto and it seemed so stiff. Couldn't make circles properly, nor follow the panto. Thought I had lost all skill. Worried me a bit. My husband noticed 2 wheels seemed to have tightened. Amy had told us there should be a slight space in between the wheel and the rail. It should not be really tight. A bit of light should show thru. These wheels were tight. Once loosened, it worked smoothly. I do wonder if the movement of CQ tightened the wheels somehow. Now I will check periodically.
  9. On a roll here with sports quilts. Not the same customer, but for a nephew this time. This too, is a memory quilt, showing the sports team he plays on. So tastefully done. He is German and the theme ties in the colors of the German flag. She ended up binding it with a colorful red and yellow stripe on the bias. I will try to get a picture and add to this post. Bold choice, but looked great. First year quilter. She designed the pattern herself, based on the feature fabric. Can you believe the bias border for a new quilter? This quilt was so square, it was a delight to quilt. Th
  10. Back view...last one...thanks for looking...
  11. Stitching around photos, close up view...
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