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  1. Sue, I took your advise and called Dave. He came on Saturday and he was great. I got me some new lights as well as wheels. He obviously knows what he is doing. He also offered to cut down my table from a 14 to a 12 because it barely fits into my room. He will probably come back in the spring. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I have a friend who has an Avante that is collecting dust. I advised her to contact you. She is interested in selling it.
  3. Good Afternoon, I need help setting up my machine in MD. I recently moved. Does anyone know anyone in the Bowie area who is familar with the set up and can help me? Thanks for you help. Cherlyn
  4. I was so impressed with the new generation Milli, I went to the road show in Hampton,VA. I so wish I had the money to upgrade my machine. I work for the govt so Weare facing furloughs. I wish I had the energy to advertise my quilting business. But I am afraid it will take me away from my own quilt making. If I do it as a business, it will not be fun anymore. What a dilemma I have before me.
  5. Hitomi Just curious why did you decide to use it? I never use mine either.
  6. What happened to the photo? I wan to see it
  7. Thank you for the replies! I wish I hit the lottery! Does anyone know when an APQS road show will come to the east coast?
  8. Hello I recently got home from Guam. I just reassembled my Milli. A friend at a quilt retreat recommended that I look into the bliss system. I am assuming that tis is something that can be assembled and added to my current machine. Can anyone share info with me about the bliss system?
  9. I really love how it looks in her room. I want to make myself one. Maybe I would make my bed up if I had something this nice on the bed.
  10. The panto I used on this quilt came with the machine so I am not sure what the name of the pattern is. I will see if there is a name on the pattern.
  11. For those how you who asked about the pattern, this is an original quilt. I do plan to try more Panto's. It was not that bad. I was afraid to quilt from the back of the machine. It was not bad. I plan to do more.
  12. Has this happened to anyone. I was going along great and then the tension got lose then it quilted normally. I do not understand why this keeps happening. I have tried everything.
  13. This is the 120 by 120 inch quilt that I had trouble deciding how to quilt it. I ended up using a pantograph that came with my machine that I bought almost 5 years ago. I am hoping to become more proficient with pantograph so I can quilt for others in a quilting business.
  14. Cheryl I think you are right about Quilter's Dream being stretchy. I think that caused me a problem with running out of batting on the sides of my quilt. I do like the way it quilts though.