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  1. I still say it... almost every day
  2. Jen~ you have to be one of the nicest people I have ever chatted with. Thanks.
  3. Let me know when you have it finished Tracie.
  4. Hi Everyone! I just set up my own website and it was absolutly FREE! There are some restrictions, but it was perfect for what I wanted to do. I just wanted to let everyone know about this opportunity. Go TO: Visit my site at:
  5. Thans for the support Karen!
  6. I am working on him ladies. I think I have established a few good arguments, because he has changed his mind from flat out no to lets do more research! Small steps...
  7. Wow! I am so glad basements don\'t have feelings... I\'m afraid mine may be thinking suicidal thoughts! Thanks for the pics and GREAT ideas. Lisa
  8. Thank you all so much for the kind words. I am a little less afraid to wear tank tops in the summer to my quilting guild. THANKS!
  9. Thanks Shana and Sheri! I was hoping I didn\'t offend anyone. I as I said I tried to put it on K McTavish Topic, but obviously got lost on that one. I was also a bit shocked at how big it came up. I was not sure how big it would be... oops. Lisa
  10. In case you read this and were confused... I meant for this to go onto Karen McTavish\'s Topic about her tattoo\'s. Sorry, I\'m still new at this.
  11. I don't understand why people HATE tattoo's. When a person inks their body it is for a good reason. My grandfather was a commercial fisherman on the Mississippi. He was known to almost everyone as "The Catfish King." He was the only grandfather I had and we were extremely close. When he died last year I felt lost... until I got my tattoo. Now I feel as if he is always wathing my back. Thank you for being an inspiration in quilting, artistry, and life. Lisa
  12. Thanks Bobbette. Teenagers... who knew they could be so helpful?