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  1. FOR SALE: HQ 16 SR Quilting Machine with Circle Lord If interested, send e-mail to: mpearce7@cogeco.ca Asking US$5,600 for HQ 16 Machine - almost New. Shortly after purchasing, I unfortunately had back surgery, and can no longer enjoy its use. Additional Accessories well over $1500.00: Micro Handles, Laser Stylus, Ruler Base, Rulers, New HQ Marked Leaders, New Continuous Track, New Edgerider Wheels, Extra Pre-wound Bobbins,Regular and Featherweight Clamps, New Circle Lord with Ginkgo Template, Handi Light (clamp on), External Bobbin Winder. Portable Professional Frame: Accommodates all s
  2. About a month ago, I decided to go ahead and invest in the Circle Lord with the encouragement of many of you ( I'm told that Mary Beth is always a "cheerleader"). Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that it is a super product that really does do all that Michael says it can do ( even for the technically challenged as me!!lol,lol). I look forward to trying many of the templates and making them a mainstay in my quilting . I don't have a business but do quilting only for myself but still consider the investment very worth while. Besides, my husband and I spent a couple of hours with them on a
  3. Thankyou ladies for all the wonderful replies and encouragements!
  4. You guys sound dangerous...your husbands are probably glad you don't live near by !:P Sandra...I live in Burlington:)
  5. I am considering in investing in the Circle Lord but it's a good chunk of change and I don't want to buy anything else that sits in a drawer (I'm sure you guys can relate). I talked to the designer , Michael, yesterday and since I only live a 1/2 hour away from him, my husband and I are going there for a demo on Sat. He seems like a good guy that has built a great quality product but I would really like to get a handle on the applications for this. I am currently only doing quilting for myself so I need to see that I can considerably use this outside of a business. I am currectly not intere
  6. The spools come in 1000 yds. and I found a supplier in Canada ; lots more info and there is a 1800 # to call; don't know if they are retail and $/spoll www.hakidd.com
  7. Alcote-where do you get this Hemmingworth thread from and what's the cost/spool? Sounds like the Rainbows offered by Superior and I'm wondering if it's cheaper and available in Canada?
  8. This quilt is so so beautiful and your colour choices are extraordinary. As I see all the work done by all I am amazed at the amount of quilts everyone gets done and the amount of practising you all must of done to "master" your machines. I seem to still be a "slave" to mine.:mad:
  9. This is such a beautiful quilt. I'm in the process or completing one right now but I find it's a long process as it is so easy for me not to remain sqaure as any slight discrepancy from a 1/4" seam can exponentiate across the row drastically. How do you piece yours together and are there any speed sewing techniques?
  10. Yep!!! I certainly completed that cirquit (spelling???) and boy oh boy did that tube flyyyy. I was told by an electircian that I have a very good tolerence...women tend to be strong!
  11. HA!!! Now I've found someone as focused as me (that's what I call it) .... my husband calls me "sparky" and you can imagine what dumb thing I did with an electical wire and a florescent tube ... Hey, maybe I'm a bit "untechnical" but he's not the most esthetically creative individual I've ever met!!! Jan
  12. I bought the DVD that Rennae Haddadin put out and was so awe inspired. Now I know that I must order the arcs and drawing tool. Gotta try this out for myself...and hope to be as pleased as you must be!! Jan:D:D:D
  13. Thanks Shana for the bonus tip. It's great to have this help so we can all learn from previous experience and problematic areas. Jan:)
  14. Shana, Thank-you sooooo much for your response and detailed answer. I understood everything and I am sure that your helpfulness will be a blessing to others!:D Janice