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  1. judysmith

    AMQF Adelaide classes

    Hi girls I'm flying in on Friday and am looking forward to class 208 which looks like it'll have lots of APQS girls in it! Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  2. judysmith

    Calling all APQS Bloggers...Again!

    Yes please Dawn : Judy Smith http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/ A button to show that I'm a proud APQS owner, would be great too.
  3. I will be there from Friday till Wednesday and can make any night. Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  4. Julie, yes! Am very excited. Hope I recognise you all in person. Regards, Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  5. Sue, this is going into favourites! Well done! Regards, Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  6. judysmith

    Jumpy Stitches.-Help please!

    Julie, sorry I don't have any great advice, though I do get a bit wobbly sometimes on the diagonal. It's like the machine is jumping around a little bit. Sometimes I use a rice bag to apply a bit of pressure and other times I use a ruler to help me stay straight. I hope someone else can chime in here with some useful information. Regards, Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  7. judysmith

    Calling all APQS bloggers...

    What a good idea Ardelle and also the tip on Google reader from Kathy. It's hard at times to keep up with the blog, so I appreciate those of you that do regularly keep us supplied with tips and beautiful quilting. Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  8. judysmith

    Check out my Newest Blog!

    Congratulations Sue, looking forward to reading your blog. Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  9. judysmith

    My new Bliss Frame

    Kath, how wonderful that it's arrived. It looks so nice and new and love the white poles. What are they made of? Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  10. Corey, congratulations on the quilt. I love all the textures you've created. Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  11. judysmith

    blog finally

    Leslie, congratulations I look forward to seeing your posts. Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  12. Hi Beryl, did you freehand or Intelliquilter? Contratulations on posting a pic! I'd love to see a closeup too. Regards, Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  13. judysmith

    Applique Quilt

    Congratulations Marley on posting your photos, but even more so for the quilting. I think the density looks fine, but if you wanted to put in back on and fill in some places that's fine too - I've done it plenty of times. I try to roll up the quilt as tight as I can and sometimes use my left hand to gently guide the foot around the 'puffy' bits, so that I don't end up with tucks. Regards, Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  14. judysmith

    Braid in 2 1/2" Border?

    Linda Rech you are a champion and I'm so glad you are going to put out a book. I print out the odd page here and there, but to have it all in one place would be so much more convenient! Regards, Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/
  15. judysmith

    My quilting blog

    Congratulations Edith and thanks for sharing. Your blog looks good! Judy http://judiquilts.blogspot.com.au/