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  1. Of course this machine has sold. LET me know ginnythequilter@gmail.com
  2. I recently quilted a quilt for a customer and quoted her a to low price for the work. At the end of the day I paid her .10 cents am hour to do this piece. I have taken a practice break and rethinking my fees thouroughly. Ginny
  3. I just gave my 201 A to my grandaughter. She fell in love with it while staying with during College. I wanted her to go to a good home. I used her for 37 years she was made in 1954. I bought her from a school. The quietest machine ever all gear driven wieght one ton. love d her Ginny
  4. I have had some health problems (hospital & rehab for 6 weeks) finding it very difficult to get back into any kind of sensable routine. Between Doctors appointments and rehab. I have some backlog and need to get my act together. I love the quilting and working with customers so much quiting just does not seem to be the answer. I need some quilters counsiling. Guess the way to do it is to just put one foot in front of another until I am where I want to be. An old friend in quilting told me once that making a quilt was like eating an elephant one bite at a time. If you all have any genious suggestions please send forth. Thanks for letting me vent. Ginny Snowden
  5. Clotilde carries a smoke odor remover that really works. I have used it for years. I realize this an expense, but well worth it. I put the piece in a bag and mist this solution into the bag. Leave overnight then remove let air for a while and voila. Wel Annie's (new name for Clotilde) does not carry this item. It is out there some where though Sorry ginny
  6. Libby you set such a high standard. Love this piece so much. Ginny
  7. We only undrstand our language. I have saught refuge on this site more than once. I do apreciate all of the answers and support this group gives me. Hope i can reciprocate as well. Ginny
  8. I cannot remember how many quilts I have had to add backing fabric to. Never thoaught to do with the long arm, I always stitched the seam by hand. It never did show, and when quilted was very sturdy. Thanks for the update.
  9. Never have a smooth ride. I get quilters blank all the time. I get a quilt on the machine and then think I should do my original idea differently. Then get stuck. I never see the things I think will look so bad in the end though. The last quilt I quilted thought all along it would be a disaster, It was wonderful. Thanks t all of you gained a lot of confidence in the last 10 years.. Ginny S
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