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  1. I first saw my machine at Paducah, not telling the year. I tried all the machines there only 3. Gammil, Nolting, and APQS. When I discovered that I could maintain my machine myself, lift it, move it (have moved three times). Just love my Ultima II. Planning to upgrade to a Lennie before I die. I ordered my machine on the phone. Received it in 2 week\'s. Of course learning to use it was hard, but I spent hours on the phone with Mike at APQS. And it was all worked out. So glad many years later that my American Professional Quilting Systems was my choice. Ginny in Texas
  2. Hi everyone, I have been reading along with many others as I have been trying to figure out how to log in. Now that I have that done, My name in Ginny Snowden have had my UII since 1996 or 7 and I love it. Have been a quilter for 14 years. You are all so wonderful, I\'ve learned more from this forum in the last couple of months than in all those years. I live in Pflugerville, Texas There is a new Rep in Austin 15 miles from home. Soon will check out Lennie. You all go girls:D:D:D:D Can you tell I am ADD?
  3. I believe that pattern is called Birds in Air. ginny an older quilter
  4. I agree with the vacuuming. I have an oreck with the small atachment package it works very well on my Pfaff and my U II.
  5. :)Beautiful! I am from Indiana and understand perfectly the cabin fever that sets in about now. What a beautiful job. Spring is just around the corner!