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  1. Lupus, RA, OA, and Asma have slowed anything I have done lately, Hospital twice in the last 6 months. Quilting and piecing a quilt just plain take me out of the pain and into another place with my thoughts. Reduces the depression and gets my creative juices going just wonderful. Try not to let the pain get to you. Live the life using your God given talent and your days will be filled with something other than pain./ Ginny
  2. Grammie, I have found myself in your place for some time now. It is a wierd world out there. I started charging detail, thread, batting quilting separate. I heard throught the grapevine that they got a better deal .05 more and the batting was included and all. Go figure. My work is probably slipping. Ginny
  3. My Ultima II is still going also. I have had mine since they first came out with the model cannot remember the year. We do good work also, But I must you have done an amazing job on this quilt. I need to take lessons from you. Ginny
  4. I live in Austin and am praying for money. Unfortunately the only bills I get are the outgoing type. Maybe today my ship will come in. Want this machine in the worst way. Ginny
  5. This happens during quilting with everything fine then suddenly I have a thread mess Help
  6. What Darlene said, they are perfect for the cover.
  7. Vicki Welcome to Texas from me I live in Austin, there are so many great quilters in your area I know so you will be right at home in no time. I hate it you will be without your Milli for so long dont have any kind of breakdown. Those aren't good! Maybe see you at Houston or something
  8. Just one more comment, you have probably heard everything is big in Texas. Quilting is the biggest and wonderful. I have lived in Austin for 12 years. What a bunch of wonderful people the quilters are down here. I moved from Indiana in 2000. Havent had time to think back. You will love quilting in Texas!
  9. I am havint the exact same problem, hoping in all your answers resolve will apear! Ginny
  10. Carful, the only batting I bought from Joannes was wool so thin you could have used it for sheer curtains.
  11. Well what goes around comes around! Joannes finally did the last straw! I have moved on. Writing letters to food processing people, and pharmacutical companies. The price increases have made me a little upset. It is the smaller containers, Got a Folgers 2 lb container of coffee. Now I am supposed to be an idiot! the can is a full 2 inches shorter than the other, contains less e.t.c.. The letters will begin, I am now in the process of detailing money lost because the new containers do not contain enough product to make a recipe, do not last like they should. The sheets I bought that lied about
  12. Marilyn, God has blessed you with a wonderful man. Oh how he will be missed. Of course we are all saddened by the loss of him. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel this new journey. Ginny
  13. I have an ult II and this is a better machine than it ever gets rated. I just had a spa on mine and it runs like new. My machine is probably 20 years old. I cried when the thought of selling my machine for a new one crossed my mind. You hang in there who ever gets your machine is getting a bargain. Do not lower your price come back to what you originally wanted it is worth every penny. Ginny
  14. I hope you sell your machine soon, this will give me hope for my on going wish. Ginny S
  15. I let a friend use my machine once. Would not follow instruction on the use of machine, instead of one day she used it for 4 days. and as stated before it took a long time to get my machine back to normal. Consider all said before you go ahead. Ginny
  16. Not sure this is the right title, I like to vent sometimes without reply! Has this ever happened to you? I am telling that i have a thread mess around my sewing machine and it irratates me. Now my friend replies now" Ginny you need to do as I do". That is not the depressing answer I want to hear. I want to hear just a simple "that happens to me also sometimes" NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I get a 15 min discourse on organization. At the end confusion has set in. Ginny
  17. How far is this location from Austin Texas? Will this machine be sold through your store? Is 7250 the final price without shipping? Thanks
  18. I got a little sunbeam picked up at Target last Christmas. Little JEWEL. Weighs 2 pounds with water, steams beautifully and fits in the palm of your hand perfect. Cannot believe i was so lucky. I have always stuck to a Rowenta, Fool the thermostat went out on the last one I had, Ginny
  19. So happy they have those cuties in New York. I noticed some cuties down here in Texas, but a little blue boy slipped into the pic. wonderful you get to see them at Easter. Have a joyous day! Ginny
  20. If I could get some figures, I have financing but it is limited. Freight and taxes are usually the problem. Each time I think I have a machine done they both go up considerably. My e mail is contact me i will call maybe we can do an landline connect to pick up. I live in Austin, Texas.
  21. I would love to purchase your machine cannot eeek that much out right now. I could finance but interest is to high, I am sitting here drooling. You will sell hopefully soon freight is a prob also. I live in Texas. Ginny
  22. you are an inspiration to all who see your work. I will pray every day that things will get better for you, Ginny PS praying for your hubby also.