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  1. Been there done that. I always think I am so clever should be able to use these some other way. Then search for the ripper. only 20 blocks. Ginny
  2. We should acnowledge each other. I have watched and learned soooo many times and never even said thank you. I will not do that any more. Rita we all would miss you so much if you just left please give us another chance. Ginny
  3. Oh prayers, all day to you both, and the Doctors and Nurses. Ginny Snowden
  4. I still do not know what a tag is, I have been communicating with Laura using u2u suddenly I got an err message. Not surprising to me, but Thought once I had it working it would be good to me , But noooooooooooooooo I need to talk to Laura. laura send me an e mail please. I did get to go to work today caring witth Grandkids and Grandkittys and Grandpuppies. My Son in law had a job interview across country. I stay with the young ones while my Daughter runs the older ones to school activities. I will not be home until Friday PM. Ginny
  5. Our heavenly father, only you with all your loving mercy knows the the way! I ask in Jesus name the best way for your sweet Children. On going prayers Ginny
  6. What a wonderful feel these colors and quilting give us. She will love it. Ginny
  7. Scrumpdilioumptious! Love the colors and the quilting. Ginny
  8. So happy to see you as a Grandma, love will abound. He is so cute only to get cuter by the day. I have 14 and love everyone of them pride is something I have to ask forgiveness for all the time. Ginny
  9. Praise God for all the work through the Medical team. Will wonders never cease! Ginny
  10. This machine is sold isn't it, If not maybe we could make a deal. I talked to you last night. Ginny Snowden
  11. What a wonderful idea. Think I will steal it! Hope it works for me. Think I am in a very densly populated area for quilters with machines. Competition is rough. Ginny
  12. I think you are very right! have seen a couple of these made with a mix of the very modern to Oriental. So interesting to just take one in. Ginny
  13. Caroline, Had to put my Freddie down last June. Broke my heart (many tissues for your loss). Had a small Lupus problem this Christmas. I ended up at my Daughters house to recoup. So as she brought out my Christmas there was some lugage in it was a Toy Shith Shu still cannot spell it. I love him already, we are not quite aquainted yet but I am learning as we always do. My heart is still healing, but Patches sure helps a lot. He is so cute. When he stops moving so fast I will get a pic. God Bless,
  14. Sylvia, so happy for you. Seems successful at this moment. Love you girl, God Bless Ginny
  15. How exciting! I have been ill so long with Lupus related stuff, my Freddie always carried me through my downsides. I had to put him down last year so he was sorely missed. Wish I had the forsight to do what you are doing. My beaytifyl daughter recognized the problem and brought patches to the rescue, the cutest little Shit Seu spelling bad he is so cute. I will look for your desigher breed in my area. Ginny
  16. Happy Birthday you sweet person! Have a great day! Ginny
  17. I have a Maytag front loader, I love the soak cycle for quilts. I do not have the large capacity of the Whirlpool though. Do think after all the machines I have had the Front Loaders are best for Quilts.
  18. How wonderful, sounds like a good addition to thefamily! Ginny Snowden
  19. Still working on it. Reads like it is easy, but that is true of a lot of things!
  20. Ah girl, you will be prayed for, starting first thing. Ginny
  21. I am 71, always pray before telling troubles to my children. God has a special place for you. My dear Mother before she passed called 911 then called me and told me she had done so. Then a trip to the hospital waiting and the nurse would come out and say did I notice anything wrong, we cannot find a problem. If that did not get attention she would place herself on the floor and try to act like she was having a seizure. Mom Passed last June and God forgive me it has been a relief.