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  1. Ihave both the 12'' abd 18'' set if tenplates they are metal with a tacky back for ease cutting. u2 if you need I will dig them out. I personally liked the Jorgansen acrylic ones better. Ginny Make me an offer.
  2. I have a Pfaff (with the IDT) machine #2048 I love this machine to piece with, I have had it fixed twice a part in the bobbin assembly breaks once in a while. Just purchased a Bernina 430 embroidery machine. Cannot pin any one down at the store where I purchased it to get instructions. I have finally figured out how to thread it and wind a bobbin. I like the stitch a lot of course that is all I know. I have written to the company and begged for help. Paid to much for this machine to have it sit in the closit. Ginny
  3. I was into a Quilt from Hell just last year. The thing that jumped me out of it was a strippy quilt. I just cut some 12.5'' squares of muslin (cheap left over) and started pulling from my scrap bin. sewed on strops dark on one side and light on the other quick fix in three days has a full size don finished in purple and was happy for a couple of days. ginny
  4. I have used the magna lites for several years, got my first ones in the mail as samples. could not believe they would even work. GREAT! Ginny
  5. I bought a Bernina 430 last may. Due to a death in the family was unable to use it until the last three months. I still have not learned to use the embroidery unit (purpose for purchase) it seems that classes are limited. Disapointed in that, I so far have had no trouble in use of all threads and like to piece on it. I must say I like my Pfaff better for piecing though. review remains to be seen. Ginny
  6. I love it, I do a lot of these so easy and fun to do! Ginny
  7. Cheri I love it and am so envious. I am now trying to learn to use a lap top (cannot figure how to use it with WI FI) and you do it all. By the way I am from northern Indiana perhaps the smart air doesn't go there. Ginny
  8. Cindy I have found in the past when choosing a quilt for raffle or general sale, it is best to choose an interesting simple pattern and colors that match current decorater colors. So I check out the decorater books and mags for ideas. Good luck Ginny Snowden
  9. Is your Lenni sold yet? I saw it some time ago and thought it was sold. Ginny
  10. An odd thing is on my posts. All of my log in's, posts, responses, everything is always dated 1/24/2008. How can I fix this. Ginny S Pflugerville, Texas
  11. When I bought my machine in the early 90's, I went to Paducah and tried the three machines available. Gammil was to heavy at the time, and I did not like the oiling system. Nolting was awkward. Apqs was perfect, took the brosures home and read all of them. found out that a drapery factory near my home had several of the machines, as Mark said operating around the clock. I went and was amazed I was there for about an hour and no problems. I purchased an ULT II and never looked back. And by the way when I sprayed glue into the bobbin case of my machine Dawn called me on the week end an
  12. ApQS has been so good from the get go '92 I never needed the warrenty. A phone call is all that was ever needed for me. I have only had to call three times about my U II. Two times my error, the third it needed service 2 years ago. When J win the lottery I will buy an APQS
  13. WOW! beautiful, Anna you and your friend married this piece perfectly....... Thanks for showing Ginny
  14. Also, Clotilda (spelling could be wrong) has a spray that eleminates the smoke odor. Do all the above then use this for any residue. This stuff works wonderfully. Ginny
  15. Vickie, Love the cabinet, where did you get the husband? I want one like him, I have a trade in. ginny snowden
  16. My name is Ginny, I am not 60, but 70 I will give you my address if you will send me some of your talent. Absolutly love the quilt. Your sister will be thrilled. Ginny
  17. VTBarbara Dawn is the best! She worked with me for at least an hour on my Ultimate II. This machine is old, but she still works like a top. I think you will be very happy you sent the Lenni to the hospital. I have sent mine, it came back like a new machine. Ginny Snowden
  18. Dear Barb, I want to say ditto to your statement. I also have had to be away from my machine for a year and some months also, when I went back the old girl performed like a champ. APQS makes a wonderful machine. THE Best!
  19. nothing in my email. I don't understand.
  20. Becky I was notified that I had a U2U but alas none was there.
  21. I have mellon Templates. I will sell must check out price or make me an offer. Have two sizes and will sell both send me a u2u if you can or email me at
  22. Well in Texas Austin Area 100's for a week now doesnt look good fro relief either. weather has been strange this year I have seen it worse though. God in all his wisdom knows why. Ginny