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  1. I am very interested is it sold? I sent you an e mail. Ginny
  2. Wow the Ultimate 1 is a very good machine. Nothing that a little practice and experience cannot help you deal with. I have an Ultimate II which is a smaller version. My machine has been wonderful. I only had to send it back to be gone over once and that was my fault, I sprayed fabric glue in the bobbin case. If you have the opportunity run it and check out how it feels to you. I love my machine
  3. That quilt brings back memories. How beautiful. My Grandma only made bow tie quilts. I loved them all. Thanks for the memories.
  4. Hang in there, God in all his glory will take care of you just lean on him. Hardest thing I have ever had to do! Prayers until its through................. Ginny
  5. God Bless YOU! I have been trying to find the record of the old song that goes " Gloom despair excessive misery, If I had no bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Gloom despair excessive misery. This dang song has been running around in my head for months now you see life dealt me a heart attack, then reaction to some meds, then arthritis, lupus flare for months. and now a fracture in my foot. Here we go now "Gloom despair excessive misery................... Ginny
  6. Tammy I see you are on line I am trying to see how much it will cost to ship to Texas. I hope your machine is still for sale. Ginny
  7. Tammy, Is this machine still available? Very Interested!
  8. Oh Heidi, Sooooooooooo happy for you I have been in your position more than once. It seems people like to hurt the ones they need the most. Guess I don't have to tell you ENJOY! Ginny
  9. I have an ult II I have found that if I measure the compressed depth of my project then set the foot at that depth it works. I do not know anything about table setup I use the manual for mine it came with machine. Just play with it. This machine is a beauty. Ginny
  10. Oh my WOW! I do so want the organization fairies to come and sweep through my room. You have to be very excited now. Ginny
  11. Sheryl I finally got a DSM Pfaff with the IDT. It is wonderful, Bought mine used but have had no problems with it. It is a joy to sew on. It is slightly picky about thread, but so far that is the only drawback. Love love love it. Ginny
  12. Our account was compromised last year. The bank also caught it and closed our account. Unfortunately they did not notify us soon enough, My husband was declined use of the card. Angry at first then grateful. Thank God we have some protection. Ginny
  13. I went today to get sashing fabric for a strippy quilt I am making to use some of the two tubs of fabric scraps left from a few years of projects. Brought home three more yards of purple, the only purple that will work. I have 10 purples laid out, but this one is the only one that worked. I got double stamped at the LQS so worth it. So here I am with 11 purples and a double stamped card. Loving it......... Perhaps one of the organized people can get us started on the exchange. SOON Ginny
  14. This is a subject that is close to my heart. An intervention is a good idea. I have a better one lets form a guild, the organized people will do a studio hop and help all of us hoarder's. Say one month of each year maybe. I go first, or not. I am now 70 and still have fabric and ufo's from when I was 45. Helpppppp! Every time I do a new project I need just one new fabric to coordinate. This always turns into 3 or four. Hopeless. I love the colors and how they change through the moods and life changes. You gals are a hoot love you all. Ginny Snowden
  15. Oh My this is a favorite pattern of mine. You did good!
  16. Good advice all. I have purchased tops from eBay. The only bad experience was when I did not pay attention to size and got a mini log cabin. Surprise! Ginny
  17. Dory, I love what you did! I have yet to do a t shirt quilt someday maybe. I really like your approach to the subject. Thanks for the Pictures. Ginny
  18. Chris Susan, Please tell me you have sold the machine so I can quit obsessing. Thanks Ginny Snowden
  19. I thought I was the one who got all the beauties! Ginny
  20. I do implore everyone to PRAY FOR OUR SISTERS in Cairo! Such a tumultuous time for all of us now. Pray the danger will pass and all will be well for these people. Ginny
  21. Heidi, Good for you. It is so hard when you love these people and we are treated like the enemy. I took care of my Mother (Bless Her) for 4 years into the dementia before giving up and moving her into a home with care. That whole experience was traumatic for me. I love your strength. Keep it up. Ginny
  22. Just looks baaaaaaaaaaad there. I have been in a couple of floods, but you Aussies do it up right. God Bless, what a mess. I have been praying for your well being. Ginny