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  1. Hi guys, I have a customer that would like to have her quilt basted so that she can quilt it. I've never done this. I'd appreciate any tips or pointers, as I'm not sure where to begin!!! Thanks! Dory
  2. Cagey, that sounds incredible. Unfortunately its already loaded and ready to go. I do like that idea though--sure would have been cool!!!
  3. Thanks everyone for all your opinions. I'd already decided on something special in the "porthole," but hadn't considered the border. I'm afraid Kathy is right, not much will show in the body and the backing is busy, so even that won't show much. Thanks for the tip about Quilted Pineapple. I'll check them out too. If you really want a ticket, let me know and I'll get you one. They'll be a $1 each. So appreciate your opinions and suggestions!! Thanks again!!!
  4. Hi guys, this is the raffle quilt for my local guild here in WA. I have the honor of quilting it, but I'm stumped. I've been staring at it for days now and am having such a hard time. I generally try to do custom on these raffle quilts and give the guild a nice discount. This one, though... Well...what I see are too many muddy colors with mostly the same value that do not emphasize the S@S piecing. So far, the only thing I've come up with is to try to do something unique in the blocks that have the reddish centers. Its an interesting quilt, but I really need another set of eyes as well as suggestions. Any ideas?????
  5. Your customer should bow down to you! If that quilt had fullness issues, you'd never know it. It looks spectacular!
  6. Linda, that's my plan! I've already gotten Dennis ready for my departure. Tell me the date again. I told him it was February, but I couldn't remember the date and haven't looked it up. (lazy is me)
  7. A customer came with her quilt the other day and brought the binding with her, asking me to attach it. I pressed it in half, sewed it (with my DM) onto the back, then turned to the front and attached with a decorative stitch. No hand sewing. What is your normal rate for this? I've never done binding for a customer before, but it looks like I'm starting!!
  8. Bonnie, are you winding your own bobbins with the Glide or using the magna-glide bobbins as well?
  9. I generally change it with every quilt. Often, if I do a small quilt, I'll wait and do two. Needles are cheap and a good/sharp needle is a good thing to use.
  10. I can't believe you didn't think of that; I thought maybe you just didn't want to and were waiting for me to offer;)
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