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  1. Hi guys, I have a customer that would like to have her quilt basted so that she can quilt it. I've never done this. I'd appreciate any tips or pointers, as I'm not sure where to begin!!! Thanks! Dory
  2. Cagey, that sounds incredible. Unfortunately its already loaded and ready to go. I do like that idea though--sure would have been cool!!!
  3. Thanks everyone for all your opinions. I'd already decided on something special in the "porthole," but hadn't considered the border. I'm afraid Kathy is right, not much will show in the body and the backing is busy, so even that won't show much. Thanks for the tip about Quilted Pineapple. I'll check them out too. If you really want a ticket, let me know and I'll get you one. They'll be a $1 each. So appreciate your opinions and suggestions!! Thanks again!!!
  4. Hi guys, this is the raffle quilt for my local guild here in WA. I have the honor of quilting it, but I'm stumped. I've been staring at it for days now and am having such a hard time. I generally try to do custom on these raffle quilts and give the guild a nice discount. This one, though... Well...what I see are too many muddy colors with mostly the same value that do not emphasize the S@S piecing. So far, the only thing I've come up with is to try to do something unique in the blocks that have the reddish centers. Its an interesting quilt, but I really need another set of eyes as well as suggestions. Any ideas?????
  5. Awesome way to quilt it...it looks terrific!!!
  6. Hi Sandra, Not sure if this is the same pattern, but I've done both the quilt and a bedrunner. I'll attach a couple of pics for what I did. Also, here's the link to the blog post so you can see more photos in detail, if you want. This is for the bedrunner: http://crazyhorsequilting.blogspot.com/2015/02/carolyns-bali-wedding-star-bed-runner.html This is for the quilt; http://crazyhorsequilting.blogspot.com/2014/10/debs-bali-wedding-star.html I can't figure out how to attach a pic...sorry!
  7. Wheels are sold! Thanks to everyone who expressed interest, but I sold them to the first person who offered to buy. Dory
  8. Hi Alena, Yes to both questions.
  9. I ordered my M&M wheels, they came--I never installed them. In fact, they're still in the original packing!! (Procrastinators are us!!) Now that I've been "Blissed," I don't need them. So--M&Ms anyone?? I'll sell them for $100 plus shipping.
  10. I'm quilting one of my own quilts and found that my shoulders were really sore last night. Reason: Gripping too hard. I need to get comfortable with how easy Millie moves with the Bliss and loosen my death grip!!
  11. Doing well...busy, but life is good!!!!!
  12. Hi Liam... I'm not on here often, but I was happy to see your name. How's things???? Although we've never met, I feel like we're long lost friends. What's up with that???
  13. For years, I've wanted the Bliss system for my Millennium. I didn't actually upgrade until this week and boy, was it worth the wait!! The Bliss is installed and I'm quilting on glass. The feel is so different--it feels like I'm controlling my Millie with my thoughts, she's moving so effortlessly. Sort of like switching from a tractor to a Ferrari!! I'm going to have a bit of a learning curve, therefore, its one of my quilts on the machine and not a customer quilt. However, I can already tell that once I'm used to being Bllissed, it will be a blessing!!!! ;) If you are considering this upgrade, do it!!!!! Its so worth it!!! You won't be sorry!
  14. Debbie, I like your ideas...especially the melons! Thanks!!!!!!
  15. It is looking gorgeous!!!! How do you like Lisa's ruler for crosshatching? Does it work well for you?
  16. This is a 65 x 65 Amish-type quilt that my customer made for a man. He likes geometric quilting (i.e., no feathers!) and I have a few ideas, but thought I would share it here to see what you guys come up with. So...I'm open...hit me with your ideas!!!! Please!!! Anything and everything is appreciated!
  17. You did a gorgeous job on this quilt!! The quilting is so non traditional...I love it!!
  18. Apparently I don't quite have the add pics to post thing down yet....
  19. At Linda's request...this is a pic of the whole quilt. Note the block on the bottom right...oooops!! Thanks for all the compliments!!!! I'd still be staring at it if it weren't for Linda!!
  20. I posted last week with a QOV and a Split Ohio Star block. Lind was kind enough to respond and suggested blue thread in the red to help with some of the thread changes. She's a smart cookie, that Linda!! I took her advice and did CC's with blue thread in the red Ohio Star blocks. Of course, I also did white in the white bits and the white log cabin blocks. And to make it even more challenging, I also did red thread in the red border. Still a few (zillion ) thread changes. However, overall I think it turned out well. I put stars in the four corners with the blue thread to sort of tie the blue thread on red theme to the outer border as well. (Does that make sense??) Thanks, Linda. You are a lifesaver!!!
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