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  1. A question regarding your $$ expectations. Will your quilting be your only income when you retire, or simply your vice money (fabric, thread, quilting classes, you get my drift)? I upgraded to my Millie when I retired, paid it off, and added the computer system and have now paid that off. Having said all that, when I started looking to seriously quilt, I joined the LQG and one of the queen bees did everything she and her buddies could do to stall my business. I stayed busy but slow at first. Today I long for those days. I don't have time to quilt for myself. Since that time, five more quilters for others have joined the guild. I am not complaining, I am as "busy as I want to bee".
  2. I use pieces of black quarter-inch elastic tied around the top roller to align the edges, center, and midpoints as I roll the quilt forward. The tight elastic stays secure but is flexible enough that I can move up or down the roll to match the current quilt I am working on.
  3. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. I never could get King Tut to play nice with my Millie. Gave it all away.
  4. I didn't like using curtain rods either as I felt they were scratching my poles. My hubby took two pieces of PVC pipe and notched both ends so they fit down over the pipes and roll along when I advance the quilt. If I knew how to post pictures, I would show you but sadly, never have picked up that skill.
  5. I've been using SuperBobs for the past 12 years in almost most cases. Occasionally, I wind a bobbin if I can't find a color I need in my bobbin supply. I have used the Monopoly clear once when Superior sent out samples and never bought any since. Although this was several years ago, I was not impressed. Too many issues getting the tension right. I also use the Magna-Glide bobbins when using Glide on top. Very nice tension but runs out quickly. I keep several bobbins in a labeled case for each type of thread. Makes it a lot quicker getting to the right tension each time I change threads. As far as colors, I use SuperBob "silver" when I need something that blends well with almost everything if I don't have the exact color. I went crazy when I first started and bought a lot of thread. My current goal is to use it up.
  6. The only problem would be getting the poles for the frame up the stairs and around any corners if the house is designed that way. Had to take mine through the window
  7. I have never learned how to post photos. Been on this site for 12 years and never took the time. My quilting doesn't rate a pic.
  8. Strap with a hunk of painters tape a small knitting needle on top with a cork on the end to hold the thread. Works great.
  9. I have never had success using K-Tut, top or bottom. Gave up and gave the thread away.
  10. I don't use mine for quilting but do use it for UNquilting. LOL
  11. Join a local guild but don't be surprised if you get the cold shoulder from the resident quilter in the group. Volunteer to help with their projects. Once they see your work, people will migrate to you. Don't go after the other quilters' clientele but wait for the new members who will find you are available when the others are backed up. Word of mouth gets you lots of repeat customers.
  12. If you wanted some movement, you might look for a wind panto.
  13. Kueser


    If you are talking about a label; usually on the back in one of the corners
  14. Sorry guys, but Dawn told me to put the oil at the top of the assembly to eradicate a noise I was hearing. Normally I oil without the gyrations, but occasionally it needs to come to the top.