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  1. I find figuring out what to do is the process that takes the longest, especially with a custom. You want it to look special. I agree, look at various sites and see what others of done that you feel you can accomplish, not something that is beyond your experience level that will cause more anxiety. Audition those ideas on plexie of on a paper picture of the quilt. Once you "see" the finished concept, you'll be inspired to hit it. Hang in there, if you've been ill, you may need more time to recover. Your customer will understand.
  2. I quilted a baby clothes quilt with everything but the kitchen sink on it. The maker more or less appliqued whole items to the blocks. I did a simple meander around and on the items to tack them down, taking extra precautions when I came to the boxer shorts waist. I see no reason you can't use the upper part as long as you remember you will have to be careful when it comes to quilting and that may limit what you do.
  3. Covid has done a number on available quilt shows but the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival is still going to have their show this year. Check our our website on available classes. KCRQF | Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (Drop down on Festival Info) If you are interested in entering a quilt in the show, this is a non-juried show, first come, first served. Hoping we can see you all there. I'll be running around in a hot pink T-shirt.
  4. You get a more professional response to your questions here. I was surprised by the number of folks advocating using sheets for backing on FB. Plus no politics or alternative facts here. Only wish the more recent responses were on top and didn't have to wade through several years of responses. Some old ones are still helpful so don't want to dump the old.
  5. I had and older Janome 6600P with a knee lift. When I got my new machine, the dealer only offered $500 as a trade-inso I gave it to my granddaughter. You may have to go a little higher than $400.
  6. First, do you have Bliss? It makes a big difference in how smoothly the machine moves. 2nd, clean wheels will help, and 3rd, slow down the speed and take off the stitch regulator. Sorry can't be any more help.
  7. thanks for the tips. I have started quarantining all incoming. So far, knock on wood, no virus in our county. I'm afraid its only due to lack of testing. The county just north of us is blowing up. I am not encouraging folks to drop off quilts which is fine by me. I have a few projects of my own that I would like time to do. Everyone take care and play safe.
  8. I was using Monopoly last spring and having breakage issues so I talked to Superior's rep at the quilt show. My concern was if there was a shelf life and they said no, just need to loosen the tension. I eventually got it down to almost no tension as I was running it through the thread break detector with my IQ. Here is my daughter and granddaughter in front of her quilt "Maybe Next Year" so named because it took her five years working on it at retreat.
  9. I ended up taking off the Velcro after several years of fighting the mess. Works just as well.
  10. Dawn, Wishing you well in your retirement. Don't tell anyone or they will think your "free" time is available. Thank you for your help through the years. I will always remember my surprise when calling APQS for help and getting a call back from the famous Dawn!
  11. Dawn taught a class several years ago where you use a sweatshirt cut open to lay flat and then stitch patches on using the long arm. I found those instructions the other day when cleaning some of my old quilting materials. There was also a quilter on an old, old television show showing how she did collages using tiny pieces of fabric under bridal illusion. She put the pieces in place under the veil and then thread painted them in place. I always thought I would try it in my spare time, whatever that is. LOL
  12. While I was going through chemo and literally felt like $h!t, I invited some of my guild members to come over and use my machine. I stayed with them as they worked through their quilt. At the end of that period, one person told me she learned a lot about how hard it is and has never asked to do any more. However, she still wants her work done as cheap as she can get it. They want it beautiful but don't want to pay for the time.
  13. I don't know what kind of machine you are using but I used to have that same problem with my mid-arm machine. My suggestion for the future is to pick a panto that is not as wide, giving you more flexibility. Also, your batting could be contributing to the problem. If you are using a thick batting you will loose arm space faster. Try using a low loft batting.
  14. This forum used to be a lot better BF (before Facebook). I learned so-o-o much from this forum when I started. I don't trust FB and I'll leave it at that. I miss the old gang.
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