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  1. Kueser

    Looking for new iron

    I buy vintage irons that don't have the auto shut-off on the Goodwill auction site. Look for one that is bright and shiny and doesn't appear to have been used much and I am good to go. I don't use steam, just a spray bottle with water when I want to give the fabric a little encouragement to lay flat.
  2. When we were on vacation in Alaska I saw a cookbook for using cannabis. I found Alaska interesting; when I shooed my husband out of the quilt shop, he moseyed across the street to discover a cannabis store. Toto, we were not in Kansas anymore.
  3. Kueser

    Help with Mckenna Ryan quilt top

    First, I would start with steam and starch to bring those bubbles back in control.
  4. Kueser

    Lost my mojo

    My mother was a hoarder. Her favorite item was paper of all kinds. She died last November and we are slowly cleaning out her house. My sister who will inherit the house is in no hurry to leave Florida for the weather we are experiencing here (14 inches of snow, followed by another snow storm, and temperatures in the teens). For those of you in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Alaska, I can hear the "you weeny", LOL but I digress. Last week when cleaning out a drawer, I found a birth announcement for a childhood friend along with a picture of her in the hospital bassinet which looked like a wire basket. My daughter, who has been helping me, tells me it is like a treasure hunt. That's one way to look at it!
  5. Kueser

    Quilt Path vs. Intelliquilter

    Maribeth, the reason I chose the Intelliquilter is that I could by the "Buick" version and upgrade to the "Cadillac" later. I've had my system over two years now and love, love, love it.
  6. Angie, why not put the pdf on the web site under education????
  7. Kueser


    I have a 2007 Millie which I added an after market LED lighting and upgraded to Bliss several years ago. Never regretted that move even with the added expense of old vs. new. My machine is old and had it's first spa treatment last year and is running great. A couple of years ago added Intelliquilter computer. Love that addition also.
  8. I am one of those who refuses to do Facebook (or rather Facebook do me). I have been reading the forum for the past 10 years and have learned so much from the folks sharing their experience and knowledge. I admit I have never posted a picture. Didn't take the time to learn how to do, so shame on me. The forum used to be a hopping place with lots of information. Now it seems to be just a used machine for sale site. So sad.
  9. Kueser


    Love the Micro thread. Used it to stipple an antique baby quilt.
  10. Kueser

    Pricing question

    You're asking for broken needles going over those junctions. You would have to go super slow and probably not in stitch regulator mode. Don't ask me how I know this.
  11. Slow down. Check the tension on your quilt sandwich. If it is too tight, the stitch doesn't melt into the middle as easily. Another thing you can do is move the eye of the needle to the 7 o'clock point. Seems to help when going backwards.
  12. check your connections. You may have a bad cable.
  13. Kueser

    semi custom

    Sure, go for it.
  14. Kueser

    Can't get tension adjusted

    It might be the size of needle you are using. A large needle leave a large hole for the thread to come up through. Also, do you have your fabric sandwich on the machine too tight? I've found that if you have it loose like when hand quilting, the thread gets a better chance of staying in the middle of the sandwich instead of staying on top or bottom.