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  1. I have never learned how to post photos. Been on this site for 12 years and never took the time. My quilting doesn't rate a pic.
  2. Strap with a hunk of painters tape a small knitting needle on top with a cork on the end to hold the thread. Works great.
  3. I have never had success using K-Tut, top or bottom. Gave up and gave the thread away.
  4. I don't use mine for quilting but do use it for UNquilting. LOL
  5. Join a local guild but don't be surprised if you get the cold shoulder from the resident quilter in the group. Volunteer to help with their projects. Once they see your work, people will migrate to you. Don't go after the other quilters' clientele but wait for the new members who will find you are available when the others are backed up. Word of mouth gets you lots of repeat customers.
  6. If you wanted some movement, you might look for a wind panto.
  7. Kueser


    If you are talking about a label; usually on the back in one of the corners
  8. Sorry guys, but Dawn told me to put the oil at the top of the assembly to eradicate a noise I was hearing. Normally I oil without the gyrations, but occasionally it needs to come to the top.
  9. I wish there was an easier access without taking off the needle plate to oil the top to the hook assembly. Has anyone figured out a way to modify the plate for this?
  10. The spa treatment was $1500 and I did a day trip up to Iowa to take it and came back a week later to pick her up. Other than the snow storm, it was smooth sailing.
  11. With fewer and fewer big shows, it makes it easier for the same quilts to enter around the country. One way to limit some of the repeats is to limit the age of the quilt. I sympathize with you about competing with the computerized quilting. Having gone to computer, I still see limitations as I look at some of the beautiful hand-guided designs. Trying to reproduce something that springs from the mind takes oodles of time to convince the computer, "this is what I want".
  12. I love the pattern of the panto. What is it?
  13. Don't quilt your day job unless you really hate it and are miserable. It takes a while to build up enough customers to give you any kind of income. So many factors depend on the bottom line such as what the going rate is in your area, your ability to meet the customer's wishes, and on and on. I admit I don't advertise other than word of mouth and it keeps me as busy as I want to be. I would like to have time to do my own quilts as I have a closet full waiting. LOL
  14. I've been working with my local guild for several years as we do beginner classes each winter. The class has evolved from 4 hours for eight weeks to all day classes for 4 weeks. We found that concentrating the time made it easier for the students to attend: less dragging in equipment, getting enough time to finish their block, and fewer days to contend with conflicting schedules. We used to touch on applique, English paper piecing, besides learning to do an accurate 1/4 inch while piecing. Our most recent round concentrated on turning on the creative juices with simple blocks done many ways. We did log cabin blocks to learn the 1/4 inch, drunkards path for curved piecing, half-square triangles to emphasis pressing and spreading the bulk out, and flying geese to save the points. Our final class was quilting on the domestic machine and binding. We made strip quilt placemats, quilting as they go. We always have a large interest in the class and encourage seasoned members to come and mentor the students. Great way to get the newbies introduced to the group and give them self confidence as they learn.
  15. Have you checked to see if you are not rubbing up against the stabilizer bar?
  16. I recently raised my rate to 2 cents per inch after years of doing it for 1. I like to do it and it fills the time in the evening watching TV.
  17. you're right about the speed. I often think of them as the same thing. I realized I don't push the green button.
  18. The groove running down the needle goes in front and the scarf goes in the back. You may not have it pushed up all the way up. If you put it in backwards, you will hear a horrible clatter.
  19. Not familiar with this machine but I think you need stitch regulator with any computerized system. I know there are time my IQ tells me it need to be regulated.
  20. yes, there are a couple of screws on the top of the bar cover. Remove these and you will see the felts that clean the bar. Leave the felts in place and check for strings, etc. Replace the covers and screws and you should be good to go.
  21. I buy vintage irons that don't have the auto shut-off on the Goodwill auction site. Look for one that is bright and shiny and doesn't appear to have been used much and I am good to go. I don't use steam, just a spray bottle with water when I want to give the fabric a little encouragement to lay flat.
  22. When we were on vacation in Alaska I saw a cookbook for using cannabis. I found Alaska interesting; when I shooed my husband out of the quilt shop, he moseyed across the street to discover a cannabis store. Toto, we were not in Kansas anymore.
  23. First, I would start with steam and starch to bring those bubbles back in control.
  24. My mother was a hoarder. Her favorite item was paper of all kinds. She died last November and we are slowly cleaning out her house. My sister who will inherit the house is in no hurry to leave Florida for the weather we are experiencing here (14 inches of snow, followed by another snow storm, and temperatures in the teens). For those of you in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Alaska, I can hear the "you weeny", LOL but I digress. Last week when cleaning out a drawer, I found a birth announcement for a childhood friend along with a picture of her in the hospital bassinet which looked like a wire basket. My daughter, who has been helping me, tells me it is like a treasure hunt. That's one way to look at it!