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    Kueser got a reaction from JeannieB in Opinion: HeatPress Batting Tape   
    I've used it and even fused it by using my steamer while on the quilter. Saved my sense of humor by not having to unload an almost completed quilt.
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    Kueser got a reaction from whatever66 in Unsure of legality   
    It sounds like you are in a bad working relationship that will not get better. If you control your time and what you do, then you could be a contractor (1099). If they tell you what to do and when to work, you are an employee and they should be withholding taxes and matching FICA (W-2). Run away and run fast.   
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    Kueser got a reaction from micajah in Unsure of legality   
    It sounds like you are in a bad working relationship that will not get better. If you control your time and what you do, then you could be a contractor (1099). If they tell you what to do and when to work, you are an employee and they should be withholding taxes and matching FICA (W-2). Run away and run fast.   
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    Kueser got a reaction from LibbyG in Feels Like Spring - applique   
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    Kueser reacted to quiltmonkey in Commercials ????   
    I completely understand everyone's thoughts above regarding the TV commercials and all of those "reality" programs and the TV shows, the movies, the music vidoes -- many of these now contain a lot of sexual inuendo, and the F Bomb is obviously "bleeped" out. Everyone knows, even the kids. This world has evolved and changed. Everything out there is excessive and over the top. This is now the new "normal" along with tolerating other cultural changes within our society. Speaking of cultural changes, it wasn't that long ago when women or black people did not have the right to vote, and people were offended by that change and fought against it.
    Honestly, I think this world will continue to change, society will continue to tolerate and accept the "newest" normal. Normal will continue to evolve.
    The best defense to this is to be there constantly with your children, and to reinforce core values. No matter what the "newest normal" become, our corest of core values held dear within us will remain. Continue to reinforce core values with childen. They are not dumb; most of them know what "reality" is and they know what "fantasy" is. Just be honest, truthful. Communicate with the kids. Let your children know what's really important deep down as they grow up, so their expectations are solid and grounded.
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    Kueser got a reaction from GrandmaLKB in Commercials ????   
    I doubt if complaining would do much good becasue we're of the age companies don't care about(over 50). Have you ever been surveyed and after they hear what age group you fit, the quickly dismiss you as they have already surveyed enough of that group all ready. Really? Truthfully, I would like to imagine I could fit into one of those VS ensembles. Only in my dreams (sigh).
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    Kueser got a reaction from ffq-lar in Extra batting and backing   
    I got one in last week with a half-inch extra on the sides and a whole inch on the ends. When I gave it back after quilting, I left the horrible blue fabric I had sewn on for extensions. She wanted to know what that was for. I explained I needed some extra fabric to grab on to. I told her when she trimmed the quilt, it would go away. I think from the look on her face the information sunk in.
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    Kueser reacted to JenniferBernard in AQS Des Moines Family Quilts   
    I spent the day at the quilt show with my dad and step-mom. He was very pleased with the display of our family quilts. All 3 of us quilt and sometimes do projects together. I quilt some of their tops and they try to pay me for my quilting. I just tell him it is pay back for some teenage incident! He was impressed with the size of the show. They live 2 hours away and I have never gotten them to come. He is 84 and about out walked me!
    The Winnie the Pooh quilt was the only quilt made by my mom before she was killed by a drunk driver. Today my dad turned to me and said "How could we ever have imagined that we would end up quilting together instead of you and your mom." One of those days I will remember forever.
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    Kueser reacted to ffq-lar in How do you ...   
    I call these reverse C's. It isn't necessary to mark the spine except when you're learning. If necessary, mark the spine but first determine how many C's you need to fill the sashing--determined by whatever spacing you want and how fat your C's will be. 
    When doing sashing that turns the corner, the curved C needs to go into the corner with the curve rounding the outside so you're set up to start the next C. To accomplish an "outside C" in each corner you need an odd number of C's between the two corner ones. This requires measuring the area to be filled. If you have 90 inches of sashing to fill and want about two inches between the C's, divide 90" by 2" to get 45--the number of C's that will fit in the sashing and allow you to turn the corners. Since that's an odd number it will work out. Use your favorite marker to tick off every two inches. You'll place each C within two marks.
    If the quilt is rectangular, measure the next sashing stretch. If it's 100" and you still want about two inches between, dividing by 2" gives you 50. You need either 49 or 51 C's to turn the corners. Divide 100 by 49 and get 2.04" or divide 100 by 51 and get 1.96". Use a small ruler to mark a shade over 2" or a shade under 2" to get the spacing. Just make sure you have an odd number of spaces. I hope this makes sense. I'll find the page from my sashing book to help illustrate this.
    Once you've practiced the reverse C's enough you won't need to mark anything but the spacing. Your brain will follow the correct path as long as you have a target to aim for.
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    Kueser got a reaction from Sandra Darlington in Say some prayers for me, please....   
    Try lemon, if you have to have chemo. Put it in your water or eat a real lemon drop before a meal. Takes that metalic taste out of your mouth so you can enjoy the real taste of the food. I got so I loved lemonade. Hang in there and keep thinking positive
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    Kueser got a reaction from Bonnie H in To counter the hurt feelings   
    I finished a quilt one morning and called the customer to tell her it was ready. She said she'd be right out and that's when I asked her to wait 1/2 hour so I could get dressed. I had to confess my PJ quilting.  
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    Kueser reacted to ffq-lar in To counter the hurt feelings   
    ***Rules to live by on the forum (my perspective only and not sanctioned by APQS or any other governing body. )***
    If you post a photo and ask for quilting design help, and no one replies--don't be discouraged. People are busy. People miss posts. People might have no helpful advice. Princesses might decide they don't want to monopolize the board and allow others to give their advice. You may be a princess yourself and everyone knows you'll figure it out better than they could anyway. Or finally, all one's ideas have been expressed by someone else and all you can do is nod and agree.
    If you post a photo of a finished quilt and ask what advice you might get, don't be discouraged if quilters give you that advice. If you say, "how am I doing? I'm very happy with the outcome.", we'll all give you compliments and comment on your progress. Everyone wants to see a new longarmer making progress. But don't ask for advice or a critique (like--what would a better design have been here?) unless you're willing to accept the advice as it was offered.
    Post those photos--all are happy to view others work, no matter what the skill level. We aren't stuck in princess mode. If we demean the princesses, they'll stop posting and advising.
    Can we please lose the princess thing? It's derogatory in the context which it is used and the only royalty we need here is Queen Dawn!
    I'm kicking the soapbox aside and will try to keep a perspective and be generous of those who have hurt feelings. I have had more than my share of emails over the past eight years calling me a show-off or other unkind things. I've also had emails thanking me for some insight or advice that I've given. So--here's a smilie with it's tongue out.   You can't run me off, you can't stop me from sharing, you'll have to take me as I am and I'll do the same for you. I love you all, understand some better than others, and enjoy this forum so much--it's a huge part of my quilting life.
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    Kueser got a reaction from smockingRN in Any ETA on info regarding the APQS Computerized System?   
    Please, please, please. We're starving for information