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  1. I have been quilting for the QOV group in San Diego area for the past 5 years. Most of the quilt tops I am given are very well designed and thought out with quilt shop quality fabrics. I have received a few wonky ones, but the piecers tried and did their best. It was my duty to make them beautiful for a veteran to cherish. The ladies in the group that I have meet are very lovely and hard working for the QOV cause. It is a worth while organization and I really enjoy quilting for them. I try to quilt 2 tops a month for them. I wish more quality longarmers would lend them a hand. It is
  2. I have been in business with my Millie for 9 years. The best thing I did for myself was first join a local Quilt Guild, then join a Friendship Group, and taking classes to meet more potential friends and customers. I also visited local Quilt Shops showing my work, meeting up with customers at local shops to show completed work. It just takes time to build your business, but getting out there and meeting people really worked for me. Word of mouth is, of course, the best. BTW, I don't have a website....
  3. Beautiful quilting. I have one coming up to quilt soon-so thanks for the great ideas!
  4. Laura--I was having some of the same issues earlier this week. Dawn walked me through the timing process and I am up and running now. I wasn't getting the point close enough to the needle during the timing process. Good Luck!
  5. I am working on 2 quilt tops for a client called Winding Ways. The large one is 92 x 92 and the smaller one made of the left over blocks is 41 x 33. Quilting circles on the 16" blocks using the CL. Here is a photo of the smaller quilt top.
  6. I've put a call into Amy for help. I replaced the tension assembly unit last month after realizing my spring had worn out. But, have quilted a few quilts since then with no issues. So don't know if it is related to my current issue. I didn't replace the needle bar Rita, just needed to adjust it. Before I went to bed last night, I double checked everything again. I must be overlooking something.... Hopefully Amy will come to my rescue. Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. Problem Resolved. Dawn called me and walked me through the timing. I really just wasn't getting the hook close enough to the needle. It really does need to touch the needle to make the adjustment work correctly. Yeah--I am back in business!! Thanks again Dawn!! I just retimed my Millie because I was having problems with skipped stitches. I realized my needle bar needed to be adjusted downward slightly. I thought I might have fixed my problems, but I can't get the bobbin thread pulled to the top now. I have checked and rechecked the steps involved with timing --The hook f
  8. I use to use a 6 inch ruler to help me keep it consistent as I was progressing along, but now I just eyeball it. But, I do mark the last 10-12 inches to keep it even.
  9. Can't go wrong with the CL swirls. Love it--my fav. People always oooh and ahh when I quilt with it.
  10. I made a scrappy quilt recently similar to this one. I quilted a Baptist Fan design on it using my CL boards, in case you still want a panto recommendation.
  11. Love your feathers!! Very pretty quilt and you've made it even prettier.
  12. I was on the set with him while filming. I was taught how to train him --we learned together a few years ago up in LA at a pet agency. So I was the trainer during the movie set. It was very stressful but loads of fun. Oliver wanted to please me and wanted to get the different treats I brought along (especially the bacon pieces). He is food motivated and very personable with people. If I let him he would try to sit on everyone's lap.
  13. Good luck Lori with your new longarm and business. I started my business 5 years ago and also started slowly and increased clients over time. I have learned tons on this forum and I usually check it every morning over a cup of coffee.
  14. My dog Oliver worked on the set for a low budget family movi called "Abner the Invisible Dog" last November. We have been waiting anxiously for the trailer to become available. Finally, you can see it on UTube:
  15. A customer brought her Winter Wonderland quilt top to me to quilt and she is very experienced with embroidery. She said she used a layer of flannel under her fabric. I have also started my own WW blocks and followed her advice. It is working so much better than just the fabric alone. Wish I knew this tip a long time ago.... I don't have to use a hoop and the stitches look so even using this technique.
  16. I use QD blend and also QD puff for quilting definition and also lighter in weight than blend. Love their products.
  17. My 2 kids are grown and have not given me grandchildren. But what makes my day is taking my 2 old english sheepdogs to the park in the mornings and watching them herd each other and rough housing together. Such a delight. It is the little things....
  18. They are both so adorable!! And so sweet of Kailey to share her Angel quilt. You have every right to brag. LOL
  19. Hi Beth-- Can you also send me a copy of your hand out to customers? Thank you so much!! Susan Ramey-- susan_ramey@cox.net
  20. Sorry, this is my first time posting a photo. <a href="http://www.flickr.co...N06/8390468026/" title="Ornament quilt Joan by suzyq_quilts, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm9.staticf..._bc94ee1de3.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="Ornament quilt Joan"></a>
  21. I quilted this a couple of months ago. I swirled the 2 ornaments, peacock fill in background and straight lines in the gold area using Glide thread and QD Puff batting. I thought it was just okay until she embellished it with ribbons and tassels which brought it to life. She sent me this photo and now I really like it and wanted to share with everyone.
  22. Hi-- I sent you an email. Hope you get it. Sorry I've been MIA lately.
  23. Ariane--I have a Towa Gauge that I can part with. It really helped me when I was a newbie but i haven't used it for about 2 years. Susan
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