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  1. I run between 150 (15) and 200 (20) on the Towa bobbin tension tester.
  2. We use Fil-Tec Glide and their Magna Glide bobbins. We don’t use any cotton threads, only poly, much more consistent, tension wise.
  3. Jim, Not going to replace our Liberty soon, going to give the new technology a time to prove out, but the industry has to progress and the Bernina Long Arm is going to force the industry to change for the better.
  4. I don't know the age of your machine or useage, but maybe the motor brushes are worn.
  5. Jim, the electronic tension works pretty well on DW Bernina 640. When the tension changes while embroidering you either tighten or loosen the top tension with a touch of a button. I have to believe it would be the same for their longarm. On the oiling, you still oil the Bernina, but from one central point. I am sure you are aware that Bernina does make industrial machines.
  6. Sue B, it maybe caused by the hook to needle clearence has grown. If you have a 5.0 needle, try that and see if the fraying stops. If it does give Dawn C. a call at APQS, and she will talk to you about the fix.
  7. Wow, we love Magna Glide bobbins. Like Vicki said check your bobbin case for fuzz under the tension finger and then check them on the Towa guage. I will admit to putting the bobbin in backwards and it did stitch, make sure the bobbin is in correctly.
  8. I bought a Elfa drawer system and one of the mesh drawers holds all of her rulers.
  9. DW loves, loves, loves her Donita Reeves rulers. She also likes her Itty Bitty and Deloa Jones, ditch'in rulers
  10. If you go on YouTube there is a video on the Bernina longarm. The twin BSR's are permanently located in the footplate area.
  11. Magna Glide bobbins and a Towa guage for me too.
  12. On the new Bernina Long Arm machine, they have twin BSR's, eliminating encoder wheels and associated wiring, automatic top an bottom tension, interchangeable feet, very short thread path, one source oiling eliminating various oiling points. Lots to like.
  13. We have a APQS Liberty, love the fabric advance. I am watching the new Bernina long arm, lots to like. This machine will revolutionize the long arm industry.
  14. I bought a Pattern Grid at MQX and then let it sit in it's package for 2 years. Finally installed it and what was I thinking, letting it sit for 2 years. I should have bought it when we first purchased our Liberty. The Grid is great.
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