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  1. Try asking at local churches. They still sometimes have old fashion quilting bees.
  2. I have a 2007 Freedom SR, 12 ft. table and fabric advance. One owner, me. Have only done approx. 3 dozen crib size quilts. Located in NW Indiana. If interested send a U2U please. Make me a reasonable offer. Thanks, Mary.
  3. I found Linda's post about "backers", how do I save it? learning gets harder the older ya get. thanks for any help.
  4. I too have no way to access old forum. So we just lose everything we ever saved in our favorite folder? That's sad cuz there have been some spectacular quilts and quilting I saved in that folder.
  5. WHAT, so now we have to be careful of what we say and show here, that it could end up on Facebook!!!!! Shame on you APQS! I understand this is your site, but we don't post here to have it taken out of context. I'm just saying, before this felt like a safe place.
  6. really cute! if you have a close up of those "baby butt hearts" i'd love to see 'em. i'm crazy for hearts & baby butts!
  7. That is as pretty as a picture post card! I'll just stare at it for the heat relief! Beautiful Vicki!
  8. If I were to go to the APQS showroom would I be able to get/buy parts? My Dad (81 yo) has finally decided to go visit his 93 yr. old sister, in Iowa. I'm going with and thought, save on shipping haha!
  9. HI Liam, really great to see you back here! Will keep praying the headaches go away. Bravo for all three of you! My dad did a jump (omg) eleven yrs. ago for his 70th b-day. I agree, you were brave enuf for the jump, what a thrill for you to have it in the paper! Besides they say majority of people only get in the paper for birth, marriage and death, haha. GO FOR IT!!!!
  10. Thanks for the math help. Not perfect but hey I'm learnin! Just glad that it lays as flat as it does! Not finished Vicki, but I'm workin' on it!
  11. Thanks Shannon, I came up with 17 1/2", wondered if that would work? Just dont trust myself. Now i know why! I'm usually wrong!
  12. Now to embarass myself! I don't do math! I've gotten this far on a Tree of Life medallion, but don't want to finish the same as pattern. So, what size squares do I need to finish this on point? It measures 22 3/8 inches square? HELP PLEASE! tia
  13. I think your freehand swirls are just fine! Quit looking soooo close. Once the quilt is off the machine, I bet they will look great!
  14. Muder by clamshells, but oh sooooo worth it! Linda, it is breathtaking from the back!!!