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  1. Me too, me too, can't wait to get it!
  2. The quilt is beautiful, you have did a fantastic job!!!
  3. I have done a quilt like this with not so good contrast. I made "the circle" with feather.
  4. I'm now at the airport heading for MQS. I really hope there will be no ash delays for me. Some airports in Europe are closed and there are many cansellations here. Hopefylle I will be there tomorrow and see you all:D:D
  5. I wil be there too:D Arriving at Sunday evening and stay until Saturday. I would love to meet you all. I'm counting days now:D Today I will go to Netherland to do an IQ installation for Tinie and back again tomorrow. Then it's just some more quilts to do before I will pack py suitcase again
  6. I'm going to MQS this year, JIPPI:D:D But could anybody please tell me how to go from Kansas City Intl. Airport to MQS? I will be at the airport Sunday MAy 9. at 06.30pm. Thank you!
  7. Congratulations Claudia! The quilt is gorgeous!!! Really looking forward to se it at MQS:D
  8. I have just got a quilt from a customer. It's handpieced. I have no idas what to do on this:o
  9. Good Luck! And I'm really looking forward to see your quilts. I will be at MQX;)
  10. Beutiful block, I think it would be really nice on a quilt.