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    quiltingjoyful51 got a reaction from quilterkp in Another question about t-shirt quilts.   
    I make 30 to 60 t-shirt quilts a year.  From 9 to 36 shirts.  I never stabilize them unless there is something wrong with the shirt.  I use either 80/20 cotton or poly  batting which ever the customer wants.  I have used fleece on the back with no problems.  I use the swirl boards by Circle Lord or an all over meander that covers nicely .  
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to Quilting Heidi in NQR Twins are here - prayers please- update new picture pg 2   
    Today the twins got to spend some time together.  They held hands and made each other sleep.  I'm so in love!  

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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to delld in Red Pine apple   
    Phyllis paper pieced this quilt. Used Glide Affinity thread and Patirica Ritter's Lavish panto. I loved this quilt. Love her border!!!  Thanks for looking!!
    20160720_121840 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
    20160720_121859 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to donna sco in NQR Need more prayers for EM   
    My daughter just called to ask for more prayers for EM (age 14). Thanks to all your prayers she had made it through three rounds of chemo and was in the hospital waiting to go home for a few days before the last round of chemo. Last Thursday everything looked good with the blood counts. She caught an infection and has been put into an induced coma as the infection is impacting her lungs, blood pressure and heart. They are waiting for some special medicine. Her mother said it was 50/50 at the moment.
    The family believes in the power of prayer and thanks you for your recent prayers.
    Wed. 6/15 update. EM underwent 4 hr surgery to place her on ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) Extracorporeal means the blood circulates outside the body with the help of a machine. Membrane Oxygenation referred to as "artificial lungs". This is to allow the lungs to heal and assist the heart if necessary. Also still on ventilator and still induced coma. Tube to drain stomach, tube to feed over intestine. Add dialysis to assist kidneys remove all the fluid. Blood and platelets are also being given. They are assuming this may last 3-4 weeks.
    Thank you for the prayers that helped her make it through surgery.
    UPDATE;6/22 Yesterday the ECMO machine and dialysis were removed. Her lungs appear to be clearing. She is alert and wanting the ventilator tube removed which they hope to do today. Your prayers have been answered.
    Good News 6/28 EM has been moved out of ICU back to a regular hospital room. She will be getting physical therapy to overcome the effects of being in ICU/induced coma. Then she has the 4th round of chemo to face. Thank you for you continued prayers.
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to delld in To Make A Short Story Long!!!!!!   
    Right on! I agree! So sorry for your lost. Praying you will feels God's comfort and you enjoy this wonderful quilt. Remember  your brothers are smiling down aer you!!!! Hugs!!!  Cant wait to see it finished!!! Your quit of healing!!!!
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to dbams in To Make A Short Story Long!!!!!!   
    David, I am so sorry for your losses.  I was wondering why you hadn't been on the forum much lately.
    This is going to be a really fun quilt, and I think clam shells would look great on it.  I am like Sharon, agonizing over color choices even on scrappy quilts.  Your salad method is what I do, too, just to force myself not to overthink the process.  When it's all done, your quilt will be beautiful, and remind you of your beloved brothers.
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to ffq-lar in To Make A Short Story Long!!!!!!   
    This project will help you heal---anything that takes your head away from the pain and gives you a bit of peace is a good thing.
    As for the clamshells? It's a perfect design since you can stitch continuous curves on the piecing to get what you want.  Mindless quilting that will be beautiful! The on-point setting will make the shells upright and be perfect. Sending a hug.
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to delld in Jenna's Sugar Skulls   
    This was made by Jenna's mom, Mary. Mary passed away last month and was co-owner of our local quilt shop. I was blessed by quiling it for Jenna. Panto is sugar skulls by Patricia Ritter and thread is Glide Slate.
    20160505_182105 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to T Row Studio in customer quilt won first   
    My Customer Jan won first place for her Laundry Basket Quilt called Family Tree. she machine button hole stitched it and I did  custom quilting edge stitched around the applique then added different fills in each block. I was pleased with how it turned out 


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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to Gator in If you dream it, someone will redevelope it and make a profit   
    Hi everyone.  I love how fast, ideas discussed by quilters become a commercial product!  I just received my Nancy Notions catalog and low and behold, what did I see in it as a product?  Something called an "ironing cradle" which could also be used under your frame to keep your fabric, quilt, etc., off the floor.  It's only a max of 65in for now but give them time.  It looks like a long foldable laundry frame, with "heavyweight plastic" for the cradle.  It's on sale for $79, gotta love it!  PS: I'm not saying I invented this gizmo but saw and heard others talking about a cradle to keep your quilts off the floor on here many times. 
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    quiltingjoyful51 got a reaction from LisaC in Snappers, Grips or Zippers?   
    I have the same set up as Lisa C  as I rent my machine and many customers have zippers. 
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    quiltingjoyful51 got a reaction from JuneR in Snappers, Grips or Zippers?   
    I have the same set up as Lisa C  as I rent my machine and many customers have zippers. 
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to LisaC in Snappers, Grips or Zippers?   
    I use both Red Snappers and Zippers. I use RS for quick quilts; and zippers for long term quilts I may want to remove in order to quilt a different quilt. The zippers are sewn onto the leaders which are already attached to the frame. I created another "leader that is the length of my current leaders (12' frame)  but is about 8" to 10" wide. I have zippers on one side and then sewed the casing on the other which the Red Snapper fits into. This allows me to not have the pressure to finish quilts I want to spend a lot of time on just to quickly quilt another that may have come up on the spur of the moment. (Sometimes the custom quilt quits speaking to me and I have to put it away until I come up with a plan, LOL)
    Oma is correct that the Red Snapper on the roller where you pin the top of the backing to does take up a little bit of space and can cause the back your machine to catch - My Mille's extra box for the bobbin winder hits it. I don't quilt for others and create my backs just a little bit longer in order to roll that RS behind the bar where it is out of the way.
    I use safety pins on my zippers; those work the best for me especially if I am taking them on and off the frame.
    Think about what kind of quilting you are going to do and if you think you might do some custom quilting you may want to invest in both systems at some time. I am very glad I did.
    2014-05-13 19.08.47 by Lisa C., on Flickr
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to brendasr8 in Award at IHQS 2016   
    Last week the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington, IN, celebrated its 25th anniversary.  In honor of that, there was a special 25th Anniversary category for the judged quilts.  At least 50% of each entry had to be silver or gray.
    I won 1st place with this quilt!  Its name is Abondance argentée (French for Silvery Abundance).  All of the solid silver is Radiance fabric.  I quilted it with my George and used 100 wt. silk thread on the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  
    I am very honored to have won this award in a category that celebrated this wonderful quilt show.

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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to chickenscratch in exhibition piece   
    Here is one I finished that will become part of a vendor booth at Dallas Quilt show next weekend.

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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to Anne from Guam in Pineapple Surprise   
    My pic did not post, I have not posted on this forum for quite awhile , is there a way to post pics from my iPhone? Ok got it!
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to Anne from Guam in Pineapple Surprise   
    I made a pineapple block without paper piecing or a foundation. I just sewed strips around the center and trimmed across the corners. It did not get all wonky or anything.
    But I need ideas on a quilting design, please !
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to Merryjo2003 in Doctor Who quilt   
    This one was finished on 12/24 for a Christmas gift for my 18 year old Whovian daughter! The pattern is "Relatively Dimensional." I used minky on the back. Now I have to make another for myself! I digitized the embroidery on my embroidery machine so it would look official.

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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to zeke in Hartley base expander for APQS Millennium ----$75   
    & with two rulers. Zeke.
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to quiltmonkey in New 2015 Millie and Intelliquilter connector   
    Hi Rita, good to see you! College classes are done and I have finished and I have completed my degree in Business. Thanks for asking. I'm doing well, busy with work and quilting!
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to yankiequilter in Ribbons and awards from guild show   
    I am almost embarrassed but am sharing because I like to hear when someone has success and thought you might also. I entered 7 quilts in my guild's show and won with all of them.  There were 285 entries and we had an NQA judge for the show.

    Summer Salsa and Gooseberry Garden won honorable mention.
    The Farmer's Wife won second place.
    Diamonds are Forever, Bittersweet Too, Starry Burst and Minglewood Autumn won first place.

    If that wasn't enough excitement I also won four awards. Best use of color with Diamonds are Forever, best representation of theme (Autumn in the Ozarks) with Bittersweet Too, best professional quilting with Gooseberry Garden, best technical skills with Minglewood Autumn, which also won best of show. My heart is pounding all over again just writing about it!

    I used Quilt Path on all of the quilts, along with SID and stitching around applique where appropriate, and very little free motion. Quilt Path is a winner!
    Goos​eberry Garden was my first experience quilting around applique and curved crosshatch.  A big thanks to Linda Rech for her curved crosshatch rulers and explaining how to use them.  The quilt, along with Bittersweet Too, sold at the show!  WooHoo!

    Thanks for looking and sharing my excitement.

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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to zeke in Hartley base expander for APQS Millennium ----$75   
    Give her a call. Zeke.
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to DawnCavanaugh in Recent Spam Outbreak   
    Good Morning friends,
    So sorry about the recent spam outbreak on the forum this weekend. I have not been on the computer all weekend as I'm dealing with one of those lovely "homeowner moments". Our refrigerator ice maker line decided to spring a leak in our basement.
    I have removed all the spam posts I could find, and have banned the perpetrators. If you find any additional posts that I missed, please let me know. Have a great Sunday!
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to RitaR in NQA excited to be a part of history   
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    quiltingjoyful51 reacted to Cagey in NQA excited to be a part of history   
    You can never have too many girls.  Congratulations on you new position.