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    Gail O reacted to dbams in Can't seem to get quilting   
    Pamela, we are all pulling for you.  You can do this!  <3
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    Gail O got a reaction from dbams in quilting on batik Faric   
    You could try using a smaller needle.  I'm guessing that the batik fabric was not washed, prior to using in the quilt.  Heavy dyes and tightly woven fabric, make it a bit harder for the needle to go between the fibers, so it's kinda punching through.
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    Gail O reacted to apylinski in Design Help Needed   
    Thank you both for your input. I will certainly look at the videos. Cagey I think I actually have Angela Walter’s Shape by Shape book. I will do some searching.  
    when finished I will share here.
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    Gail O reacted to SueD in Design Help Needed   
    Cagey has some great suggestions.
    My initial thought when I looked at the quilt was echo quilting the outside edges of the large half square triangles (maybe 1/2" apart).  This would accentuate the medallion look of the quilt. 
    I wasn't sure where to go from there in the other pieced half of the blocks - maybe just orange peel/continuous curves around each of the pieces.  Another idea would be something more curvy to tie in with the feathers in the border.
    Check out After Hours youtube from Linda's Electric Quilters.  They've done some freehand quilting videos using a basic 8 stencil and ideas from some Pam Clarke books they sell.  The videos might give you enough ideas that you wouldn't necessarily need the stencil/books.
    Let us know what you come up with!  Good luck.
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    Gail O reacted to Cagey in Design Help Needed   
    If you are going to go to all the effort to quilt feathers in the outside border, I would be sure to use a gold or brown that matches some those bright colors in the inner part of the quilt, so the feather stand out.
    Concerning the inner blocks, I would either purchase the book "Shape by Shape" by Angela Walters, or go to the app store on your phone and search for the book.  Then look at the free sample.  There are a number of triangle shapes that you could use to fill the triangles.  I would suggest a feather or fern so they somewhat match the outside border.  Look at triangle #2, and #8 in the free sample 
    Also, look at the Wild Feathers in the free sample of the book. 
    Take a look at this video to get an idea of the blocks that you want to stand out.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-1QUaqp0P4
    Here is another video that should give you some ideas;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4bjgaRLC6U  Look at the minute and 20 second mark.  Even though she is using it to fill a diamond shape, it would be the same in a triangle.
    You could fill the large center square formed by the 4 triangles with this design; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1xHCRAHYtM
    Hopefully those videos or some of Angela's other videos that go with those above videos/challenges will help you decide what to actually quilt in each area.  
    Please post pictures of you finished quilting.  As you have asked for inputs, you should share the final product.
    Best of luck and I am sure it will turn out beautiful.
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    Gail O got a reaction from dianne31331 in Quilt shifts to the right during pantograph use   
    Are you quilting in the same direction with every pass?  This might be causing your quilt top to shift slightly.  Pin or stitch basting would help; or changing direction with every pass.
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    Gail O reacted to SueD in Cutting Off a Customer?   
    Just my opinion here so take it for what it's worth.  I don't quilt as a business and my quilting for others has been limited to handful of charity quilts.....
    It would seem unlikely that someone looking at the low-skill-level quilt would be doing so in order to select a longarmer for their own project.  It's probably not on display as a sample reference of your work or a showpiece, but being used as a quilt. In my limited experience, people who don't do their own quilting don't notice flaws.  I haven't done many quilts, but I notice every bump and wobble and others just ooh and aah over how great it looks.  As with many artistic endeavors, we are our own worst critics.  Bottom line is it's your choice to accept or decline a customer.  I'm thinking it's more likely that you will get more bad references from the "fired" customer than potential lost customers noticing pleats/tucks in another customer's quilt.  
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    Gail O reacted to dbams in Quilting suggestions, please!   
    Well, after lots of thought, I went with my Circle Lord Jester boards.  I really like how it looks, and so do my daughter and son-in-law!

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    Gail O reacted to ffq-lar in SID on a large quilt   
    If you plan to do all SID first, start in the center. That's where the most fullness will live and where the eye focuses first, so it needs to be flat and symmetrical. The big issue with this is what happens to the rest of the quilt when you start in the middle. You'll need to float it, so secure the top edge of the top with pins (don't stitch it down because you may need to re-position it later). Then advance to the center, smoothing as you advance. When you reach the center, adjust so it's symmetrical then stitch baste or pin baste horizontally above and below the center. Then baste the entire top, stepping out from the center and keeping areas straight and flat. You will immediately see where else there is fullness and needing extra care. I've quilted over twenty Judy Niemeyer quilts as a pro, and none of them was flat---ever. With it fully basted, you can start anywhere you like, but I'd do the center first. Also, you aren't stuck with doing all the SID first if it involves a lot of thread color changes. You can SID and custom quilt a section at a time. The photo is my latest---Dinnerplate Dahlia. Good luck and have fun!

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    Gail O reacted to ffq-lar in 2010 Millennium 12’ many extras   
    Caution *****It looks like Dave has re-registered on this site. This seller is Dave Jones, who has a bad reputation in the industry. He had a good gig buying and selling longarms and doing deliveries/set/up between buyers and sellers. But several deals went sour and caused a loss of reputation for him. Be very careful and make sure you pay AFTER delivery and not before.
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    Gail O reacted to BonnieJ in Another new bag for daughter   
    Thought I put in pictures.
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    Gail O reacted to BonnieJ in Another new bag for daughter   
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    Gail O reacted to BonnieJ in Quilt wolf   
    Here is one I did with scraps had and made up design.

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    Gail O reacted to quiltmonkey in Snappers, Grips or Zippers?   
    Neither. I'm a pinner. The only time I use my zippers is if I am working on a heavy custom quilt that I need to zip on and off the frame multiple times. The only other time I use zippers is to put on my large practice sandwich to test out designs or get my memory back on how to quilt something. Otherwise, if it is just a quilt I load one time only, I pin directly to the leaders. It is hassle free, very quick and everything is loaded in less than 10 minutes and I'm quilting away... otherwise, I'm fussing with sewing things to zippers, or snapping things to fabric. Not a fan of the snappers. they are a PITA, IMHO. 
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    Gail O reacted to Jan Kendall in “Shelter in Place”. Completely covers my car.   
    Originally envisioned for the QUILT TULSA 2020 quilt show. Turned into my stay-at-home project. Took much longer than anticipated. Used left overs, class samples, rejects, cheater cloth, test blocks, random fabric, etc. Quilted in 6 parts on my APQS Millennium. 

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    Gail O reacted to Debhaugen in Broken needle now hitting on uptake!   
    Dialed in and quilting!  Thank you
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    Gail O reacted to Heywyre in Heywyre   
    I have just finished a wall hanging that is approximately 40 inches square.  It is a pattern called "Mexican Stars" and now the quilting part and I don't have a clue of where to start or what pattern to quilt.  Do I keep it simple (and safe) and just do stitch in the ditch or something a little more challenging?  Help!!

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    Gail O reacted to Heywyre in Heywyre   
    Thanks for the compliment Sue.  This is the second one I have done but I kept it REAL simple - basically stitch in the ditch and nothing more - as far as the quilting in the first one
    The first thing I thought about was try and find others that had done this quilt but I really haven't been successful in that regard to give me any ideas.
    I know there are some great spaces and before my mind starts wondering off too much, I really don't want to take away from the "stars" either so perhaps do some quilting in a white thread in those blocks or perhaps a very light blue so as not to distract?

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    Gail O reacted to Gator in Minkie/Fireside back problems   
    I use glide thread top and bottom not problems.  Do you ask your customers where they bought the minkie?  There are some really terrible copycats out there.  I have problems with the cheap brands.  I prefer "cuddle" over minkie, it comes out perfect every time.
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    Gail O reacted to Cagey in Catching and breaking bobbin thread when free motion quilting   
    This may sound stupid, but give this a try.  
    Remove the upper and lower thread, and leave the needle in the machine.  Then get yourself a piece of notebook paper.  The kind kids use at school.  You want thin/light paper to get the best training.  You can draw some lines on the paper to follow if you desire, but you want to be able to clearly see the holes in the paper.
    Take the paper and put it under the hopping foot, and quilt some straight lines, and then progress to some swirls.  Quilt your signature.  Quilt all over the paper.  Have fun.
    Once done, remove the piece of paper and look at the holes the needle left behind.  
    If the holes are large than the needle diameter, then you are moving the paper/fabric against the needle as it is trying to loop the thread.  This movement is probably messing up your stitches, and causing you tension problems.  
    Practice with the paper until you can move the paper in relation with the needle without distorting the hole size, or tearing the paper.  
    You can also quilt on paper with the top and bobbin thread installed.  Give it a try on two pieces of paper stacked on each other. 
    If can quilt on paper, without distorting the hole size, try setting your feed dogs to zero.  
    I have read that some machines do not quilt well with their feed dogs down.  This could be because the quilter is trying to move the fabric when the needle is down, and the feed dogs help hold the fabric against the hopping foot.  This prevents the needle from being deflected, and messing up the tension.
    Remember, the feed dogs stop moving the fabric when the needle is down for that instant the loop is being formed.  On a longarm, the stitch regulator increases or decreases the needle speed in relation to how fast the head is being moved.  
    When you freemotion quilt with your hands, you have to do the same thing.  If you want to move your hands fast, you have to depress the foot peddle more to increase the needle speed.  If you do not, you will distort the needle hole or even tear the paper.  
    Your mind is the best speed controller ever devised.  It just takes a few pieces of paper to develop the skill.  Notice how the space will change between the needle hole punches as you speed up and slow down your hand movement.  
    If you have thread in the machine as you quilt on paper, notice how if you do not speed up the needle as you quilt a circle, how the edges of the circle are not round.  The gap between stitches will form straight lines, that try to make a circle 
    Best of luck to you.  Tell us how things turn out.
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    Gail O reacted to katquilter in Needle hitting   
    Hi - Thought I would update  - I spoke with the Amazing Amy and it might be I can just do a belt adjustment !  She sent me videos, and once I find Allen wrenches and do a little Yoga to slow my heartbeat down, I'll be doing this chiropractic adjustment on my machine …  
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    Gail O reacted to ffq-lar in Take up roller brake   
    You have several things to look at---it doesn't have anything to do with the brake. First, make sure the backers you load are perfectly on-grain. This can be done with tearing the fabric instead of rotary cutting. If it's always on one side, your rollers may not be perfectly parallel or level. Just a small bit high on the right side will cause that side to roll tighter, which magnifies with every advance. Use a long level to check for horizontal level. Then adjust the bolts that attach the roller to the frame until the roller is level. Unfurl your leaders when you check for level so you are on bare metal and not the canvas. The front roller can also be off as far as distance between the take-up rollers. If the right side is farther out, it will roll tight on the right side. The solution is looking at the bolts that fasten it to the frame. You need to count the bolt-threads on each bolt, left and right. If the numbers are off---make them match. You can also count the bolt-threads on the back roller attachments if you don't have a long level. Finally, your leaders may be un-square/off. There are lots of tutorials that show how to fix warped or saggy leaders. Usually having (or making) a straight edge, then pinning the leaders together works well. Pin them, spritz them with plain water, tighten them, and let them dry. Hoping this is helpful!
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    Gail O reacted to JustSew in 3 at once   
    I mounted 3 baby quilts at once.  I used the same length of backing fabric for all 3 but used different battings.  Used my faithful 2002 Millenium.

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    Gail O reacted to tootsquilts in Ruler Quilting with Texas Hold Em Bracket - How do you keep your ruler base from hitting your side clamps?   
    This is how I solved my problem with my machine/ ruler base running into my side clamps.  Just take a look at the pictures.  Its very simple using a dowel stick.
    Good luck.

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    Gail O got a reaction from harcathy in Baby Quilt   
    Absolutely gorgeous!  Love the sheep.
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