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  1. You are always a wealth of information. Thanks, Dawn!!
  2. I've got the picture down to 427 MB. How small does it have to be? I'm still getting a too big message. Arg!
  3. Some gals want this quilted, and fast, to complete in time for their raffle. They sent a picture and want custom quilting. When I look at it, it just screams for all kinds of custom work....and the time that goes with it. Any suggestions for a time-friendly custom job? They do want some sort of motif in each of the solid blocks. Not sure if I can make it happen as quickly as they need it. Hmmmm.....
  4. I just noticed in the scrolling advertisement section on the main page that APQS is offering an M-sized bobbin, but have not been able to locate much more information than that. Will the tension and stitch quality still be as good as with the smart bobbin or smaller bobbin? Will it be possible to retrofit older machines with the larger bobbin? I sure would be wonderful not to reload so often if I could still keep the same quality. Anyone have any more information on this? Very curious! Amy
  5. If any of you ever have the same problem I described in my previous post...the motherboard and daughterboard both have to be replaced. Thank the Lord for Mark sending the Amazing Connie Keller to rescue my Millie! Amy
  6. I was going along in stitch regulator mode and my Millie just stopped stitching. I have checked all of the wire connections and turned the machine on and off, but it will not stitch in manual or regulated mode. Both chanel locks are responding, thread cutter is working, and the single stitch function is working. I am going to get a call in to Amy tomorrow, but I teach during the day and am afraid I will not be able to talk to her while standing next to the machine. Has anyone had this same problem that could tell me what they found the problem to be? I am trying not to panic with a cus
  7. - 1992 Ultimate 1 - Needle stop in "up" position - 14 foot table Motor, wheels, and canvas leaders all replaced in 2008. I also added an extra bracket to add a leveling bar which prevents the need to adjust the take-up roller as quilting progresses. No stitch-regulator, but makes beautiful stitches and is a work horse! Asking $5,000 or better offer. I am located just outside of Dallas, Texas. Buyer must pick up. Email me at if you are interested or have additional questions. I can only figure out to how to post on picture, but can send more to you. Amy
  8. Thanks for all of the replies - you guys are awesome! Amy
  9. I have a FANTASTIC rep that I am working with. I placed my deposit over the phone to get the quilt show special (the show is out of town and I could not attend). She will be back in town in a couple of days and will give me all of the little specifics. I just did not take the time to ask her about the smaller accessories and was anxious, so I figured I would throw the question out there. I sure did not want to give the impression that my rep was falling down on the job (smile). You know how excited us new kids get! Thanks for the information. Amy
  10. I am in the process of bringing two babies home! I am almost 10 weeks along with our first little one and in the process or ordering a Millie! I have put down my deposit, but not seen the specifics on the small details. I know it comes with some needles, thread, bobbins, patters....but anyone have an idea of how many needles or which patterns? I am just so excited! If my little jelly bean wasn't making me feel so crummy, I might actually do a cart wheel! Amy
  11. The back of the quilt is muslin. Would it look bad to stitch the black area with the same cream color? The black does have a lot of floral print going on. I am afraid that if I quilt that area in black it will be a big HELLO on the back. I was also thinking McTavishing would look great. I am going to do some practicing and see if I can get up the confidence to do it. Amy
  12. I have gotten PPP in and quilted quilts for family on my longarm, but I just got my first official customer today! I am excited and a little freaked out. I do a full float. Those tiny scallops are going to The quilt is hand pieced and "close" to being square - a good pressing should help most of that. She gave me the top and just wants me to take care of the rest. All I know for sure to do is outline the girls 1/4 inch around. As you can see, not all of the girls are in the same place. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am not a pro yet - cross hatching is out.
  13. Darlene - bless your soul!! My husband\'s frustration level with me should go below the danger mark with these pictures! Not really, he is just wonderful, but was really in need of a visual. Thank you so much!! Amy
  14. Okay, I have a very long rectangle 144x30 (making all 3 leaders the same size). I am going to use the selvage edge to pin to (144), attach the other long side to the roller. The only thing I am not sure about are the 30in sides. They are raw edges and need to be finished, but I should NOT fold them under right? Just do the tight zig zag to keep from fraying? I sure hope this is tranlsating right - I know pictures would be better - sorry:( Thank you all again for helping out. I have been checking for replies - you guys are awesome! Amy
  15. Oh, great answers. The lady coming tomorrow is bringing zippers, so I will just cut, try to sew the raw edge so that it will not unravel and tape the raw (and stitched) edge to the roller. If this is way off, she can help me when she gets here. As for the side edges, I will work with what I\'ve got to keep it from fraying. Keep your fingers crossed for me - and if anyone has suggetions, still feel free to chime in. You ladies are the best! Amy
  16. You were such a great help in offering advice. You even posted a picture of your Ult 1 all set up. I have searched and think it must have been cleared out. I am just now (Spring Break - yipeee!) getting my machine set up. For the wonderful Bobbi, or anyone else with a ULT 1, can you please post a picture of your machine. I am trying to figure out which rollers go where. crazy lady in Texas, Amy
  17. Yes, I think I am doing to have quite a hard time sleeping tonight and tomorrow night. It is like a quilter\'s Christmas Eve over here I have a 14 ft table. The leaders are 4yards long by either 60 or 30 inches. It looks like the previous owner only had 30 inches on the take up roller, so I was not sure if I needed all 60 inches. I am going to turn the edge under twice for where I will be pinning, but was afraid to turn under the other two edges that will be rolling on top of themselves because I thought it might get a little funky. Does that make sense? Amy
  18. I followed instructions from Bobbi on purchasing fabric for leaders. I got lucky and have a lady coming over tomorrow (yipee) to inspect my machine (very used Ult 1) and give me longarm 101 on using and caring for my machine. I have still not attached the leaders and can put it off no longer. The top roller is going to have a 60 inch leader (is that too long?) and the other two rollers will have 30 in leaders. I know I need to serge the edges, but have no serger. What do I do? Can I do two straight stitch lines and then come back with a zig zag between? I did not find out I was gettin
  19. Make sure you show off your work when you are finished - can\'t wait to see your custom quilting Amy
  20. Thanks so much! I purchased my machine used from a company that made quilts for hotels. There was no manual or video. You are the second person to recommend Dawn\'s video - I need to get that puppy ordered =) Amy
  21. Way to go! I want to be YOU when I grow up!! Newbie in Texas, Amy
  22. This post was meant to be a reply to another, but I pushed the wrong button...newbie\'s...what\'s a girl to do?