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  1. change the needle, oil your machine and comeback to it all tomorrow. sometimes my machine gets hot and tired as do I. I find that certain threads work better when it is cooler
  2. Thanks everyone. I would post a picture if I could figure out how to take one in the dark... It is just a scrap lap quilt my 8 year daughter made. She is a happy camper. Slept with it last night not even bound!!!
  3. YEA!!! When I thought the tension was loose enough and the quilt was loose enough.....I loosened them both alittle more!! I am done with the quilt! Wasn't bad at all and now I am the best mom in the entire 3rd grade!! FYI - I just meandered...maybe next time I will try a pattern
  4. I an just starting a quilt using the glow in the dark thread. I want all the secrets up front!!!!
  5. Thanks abunch for helping. I had thought that the "fingers" on the metal thingie were sticking up far enough but I then pryed them up a little higher and now it is back to working like a dream. thanks again and also I love being able to describe things in my own language and having friends that understand just what I need!!!
  6. As I stitch, the bobbin thread seems to be loosening up. Eventually when the thread gets jammed or breaks - the bobbin thread is all unwound inside the bobbin case. Any suggestions.
  7. I am fairly new at this thing but have been enjoying it tremendously - until yesterday. THREAD BREAKAGE - I have checked tension on top, slowed down my speed, changed needle, cleaned and oil, checked the hopping foot height, changed the bobbin and still having trouble. I also left a message for tech support. I am not convinced that my machine is sounding right. It sounds like the bobbin is rattling or something is hitting. Also it seems to be bouncing and running rough. I\'m just not sure what the problem is. thank you in advance for helping