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  1. Does anyone know why when stitching a pattern it looses its position and starts moving upwards on the previous row of stitching.
  2. Great job Deb It's incredible how two identical quilts look so different once quilted. Also reversible. Great quilting and piecing. Keep on posting.
  3. Thanks Bobbi this is a customer's quilt. It was quilted using Compuquilter. T
  4. Here is a picture of the latest custom quilt called the Delectable Mountains. Renamed the Delectable Mountain Challenge. I would like to thank Tammy Finkler for all her tremendous help in designing the six different patterns for this quilt and also the layout that she sends that makes quilting of the quilt easy. (The Quilters Road Map) I also used patterns from Tammy’s Simple Feather Set for the Borders. For those of us that need help in designing and planning your custom quilt this is a service that Tammy Finkler from TK Quilting provides. So please contact her for more information.
  5. Looks wonderful gives great movment in the quilt.
  6. WOW!! looks fantastic. Love the Koi fish in the borders and the design in the corners of your quilt.
  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I will take some more pictures and post later. Betty
  8. Thanks Deb this is my quilt that I wanted to experiment with CQ. Betty
  9. Just wanted to share these pictures of my quilt. The pattern is Going for a Spin by Jackie Robinson of Animas Quilts using the Fushia Line This is my first time to post something but love the inspiration that is shared on this forum. Hope that you will also be inspired. Betty