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  1. I am dropping the price to $8500.00. This is a really good deal especially with Christmas around the corner!
  2. After we all give thanks for all the joys we have in life, we know Christmas is around the corner! This would make a wonderful Christmas present for yourself! And in celebration of the season I am lowering the price a bit!! PM me if you are interested!! I'd love to let you in on the Thanksgiving surprise! The price is only good until next Monday, the 27th!! Come on. . . you know you want to!!
  3. This would make a great entry machine. . . it's priced reasonably and yet has so many bells and whistles. So gently used, it's like getting a demo at a much better price. Please consider!! You won't be sorry. . .
  4. No Ginny the rails are not Bliss. I imagine that can added for a price? This Millie is living in Destin, Florida.
  5. Yes it is! Can I answer any questions? My email is mmsuno@aol.com.
  6. Ok, Ann, just got off the phone with Jeff (he was at work so it was a short call) and he had a couple of questions. First of all, he is in the SF East Bay area, so that's really good. But he was wondering if you had the Bliss table and was it white. He wants to put Quilt Path on any 14' table he gets and he would rather have a black table (which mine is). He is going back and forth about buying my table because he does want the longer table and mine is too short for what he wants. He is an APQS rep out there in CA, so he really knows what he wants. What do you think, can this work? You can contact me at mmsuno@aol.com with more questions. Thanks!
  7. He also raises Chihuahuas and his web page says his home and kennel are located on 3 acres nestled in the California coastal mountains. "There are large play yards shaded by aromatic bay laurels, redwoods and coast live oak that provide space and freedom for socializing and exercise." So it sounds like he does live somewhere in northern California. Want me to call him and see if he's interested?
  8. Too bad because I have someone interested in my Millennium head here in Destin, FL, but doesn't want the 10' table. He lives in California and was hoping to not have to transport the table all the way back there. I think he was looking for a 12' or 14' table? Wish we could do a three way sale.
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