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  1. I had a sewing machine on wheels delivered. The delivery guy picked up my Millenium table & moved it over to make room for the new machine. My Millenium rolled to the front side of the table & both wheels broke. They’re going to come back to fix it. I’m concerned with them leveling the table with the machine on the table. Anyone have experience with anything like this?
  2. The stitch length/speed on the front of the machine was working when I started a quilt today. Before I finished, it wasn’t. It works on the backside of the machine. Any ideas on why that would be?
  3. Do you stitch practice samplers? If so, what size do you like best?
  4. Wow! I love the idea of recycling them. I've tried several different home sharpeners, & unfortunately they don't work for very long. Even the TrueSharp Blade Sharpener at $35 didn't last. I will definitely try LP Sharpe out. Thanks for the tip!
  5. I finally was able to get to the post office & found my package there. The fabrics are wonderful. Thanks Oma!
  6. Hi Oma, just wondering if those of us in group 4 should hold off to see if our group fills up. Thanks, Linda
  7. Definitely the swirls boards & baptist fan. if you got the fan/clam you would have the baptist fan and clamshells.
  8. would you use batting on a quilt with a fleece backing?
  9. just wanted to follow-up. i did finally get my tension adjusted after banging my head on the wall repeatedly. i'm nearly done with a baby quilt & all of a sudden something changed. i got under the table with my big ol' flashlight & noticed a lot of lint around the bobbin case & a little piece of lint up in the hole above the bobbin case. i used qtips to clean around the bobbin case & used a pin to coax the lint out of the little hole. i'm thinking this was the problem, because i don't think there could have been that much lint from a partial baby quilt. i had really cleaned (i thought) the machine & oiled it & i always use can air when i change bobbins. i also check my bobbin tension everytime i change bobbins with my towa gauge. i just wanted to share in case this might help someone else.
  10. thanks for all the input. i use the turbo bobbin winder. i usually do ok on tension, but for some reason having trouble with it right now. i must have done something different. anyhow, i will work on it tomorrow & let you know if i figure it out. thanks again!
  11. i have spare pigtails so will change out to see. i do have a towa & use it religiously & set around 180 (not sure how that equates to 20-22). thanks, i'll try loosening the tension.
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