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  1. I had a sewing machine on wheels delivered. The delivery guy picked up my Millenium table & moved it over to make room for the new machine. My Millenium rolled to the front side of the table & both wheels broke. They’re going to come back to fix it. I’m concerned with them leveling the table with the machine on the table. Anyone have experience with anything like this?
  2. The stitch length/speed on the front of the machine was working when I started a quilt today. Before I finished, it wasn’t. It works on the backside of the machine. Any ideas on why that would be?
  3. Do you stitch practice samplers? If so, what size do you like best?
  4. i've wondered about this too. since you are taking 2-1/4" off each leader, is that a problem. also, i really like my zippers but leadergrips look really interesting to me. i thought i saw a setup like that one time
  5. don't think i would be interested in oiling a spool of thread either...even if ss says so
  6. i tried the piece together mats on carpet & they kept coming apart. i tried the duct tape & they would still come apart. so i bought some of the roll matting from lowe's. when i was looking for a machine, i went to look at a longarm & she had the piece together mats & the roll matting on top of them. it felt so good. so i'm going tot try the same thing.
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