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  1. Quilt finished without any problems Will certainly post if I hear what the issues were. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN.
  2. Good morning all. It s 10 a.m. in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and today is a wonderful day. Picked up my Bountiful Basket of fresh fruits and veggies this a.m. and when I got home, UPS had dropped of my new (third) Millie. With the help of DH, we got the old (not really old, but not working) one removed and the new one on the frame. Put on the front handles and plugged into new outlet and viola, stitching.....Tried the previous plug with the same excited success. Applied the rear handles and super excited to report that they too work!!! Now just need to get the two defectiv
  3. Nothing added. I did change out the fuses and no difference.
  4. I spoke with the lovely Dawn this a.m. (and I do mean that in a nice way, she is a very sweet lady [like you don't already know that]). I had the first Millie on a surge protector and it was working fine, until it wasn't. There was not a problem with the surge protector (my first thought) as I tried other devices with it (the large TV in the living room, computer etc.) There are not any circuit breakers that have tripped. There has always been power to the machine, the light has always come on, the thread cutter has always worked, the channel locks work etc. I have tried two different plu
  5. Not a dumb question, and yes I did. There is power to the machine, lights come on, channel locks work, thread cutter works.
  6. So, I got the new machine today . We got it put on and NOTHING HAPPENS. Once again, there is power to the machine but nothing else. I know that APQS would not send out a machine that does not work. My previously machine worked for 3 quilts and then just wouldn't work the next day. I am so frustrated. I have once again, double and triple checked everything, or so it seems. I will call Amy in the morning but this is getting so frustrating.
  7. Thanks again everyone for all of your suggestions. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new machine, it is "supposed" to be here tomorrow. APQS did send a return shipping label so we are all set on that. Bad thing is, my aunt from Kansas is here and we were working on the quilts that she brought. So, I bought an embroidery machine and have been making labels for all of the quilts!! Man is that a huge learning curve. Can't wait until I can take classes on that too. Happy Quilting...
  8. Spoke with Amy @ APQS today. They did diagnostics and really don't know what they think the problem is but the bottom line is that since I have had the machine such a short time, they are sending me another one. Downside to that is that I have a quilt 2/3 done on the machine and have to, obviously, take out the back two bars to remove and install the new machine. That will be a good lesson in getting things realigned with the panto. Thanks again for all of your help!! Happy quilting.
  9. SR is set to default. Even if it is turned off, nothing. Will call tomorrow. Thanks for all your help. I will post what they say the problem is so if someone else has problem it may help. Thank You!!!
  10. Can move needle up and down manually. No beeping or noises of any kind coming from her, just from me!!!!! If I have to actually send it in, can't imagine what postage will be and I haven't had her that long
  11. Have double and triple checked all connections. checked fuse, not blown but replaced anyway. LED screen still lights up, thread cutter works when that is pushed. There is only one on/off switch that I see. So, all cables secure, LED lights up, new fuse, still nothing. Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. Yes, it is plugged into a surge protector. There is power to the machine though. When I looked at what little info there is on the supplied DVD, it sounds like if the fuse blows, it won't even turn on. I will look at the fuse though, should be able to tell if is blown or not. Thanks.
  13. I turned on the machine this a.m. and it went through its usual process without any indication of trouble. I got ready to pull the bobbin thread up and the needle up/down won't work. I tried all 4 handles. NOTHING works, no extra lights blinking/flashing etc. There is power to the machine. This machine has had only 4 quilts done on it. And, of course, it happens on a Sunday!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have look at the DVDs that came with the machine and can't really find much in them. Sure with they furnished the book like they did with the old machines. Searched the h
  14. Thanks Anne, I do have the pantos down well it is the designs from the front. I know, no quit police but..... Thanks. HAPPY QUILTING..
  15. i am pretty much ambidextrous but for some reason following the patterns is killing me. I can do the pantos well. Maybe I should try the front side of the machine from the right though if I am in a block going from the right sometimes it still gets backwards. my grandparents, according to Mom, would take things out of my left and try to get me to use my right more. I used to scrub in surgery and the heart surgeon that I worked with made me learn to use my right hand for a lot of things. when I first started I was always having to consciously take the scissors out of my left into my right
  16. I think that I finally figured out what "part" of my "problem" is with getting the patterns down in my very left handed brain!! I seem to want to go the opposite way and that is making it difficult to follow the patterns to practice. I have the same problem when my husband wants me to help rake hay, it just doesn't seem "natural" to go the direction that needs to be done. Anyone else out there have those issues when first starting out from the freehand side?? what helped, other than TONS of practice. thanks and happy quilting.
  17. I have your books Darlene, I got them when I got my first machine, and have them out practicing. easier on paper and the white board, doesn't look near the same on the quilt , hopefully "some day"... I did kinda get stuck in the panto mode because it was just so easy to put that on and go. Thanks all!!
  18. I did speak with APQS, they are now "recommending" the aluminum with the new turbo winders. I didn't have any problems with either bobbin with my old one, now wish I would have kept it. Oh well. They are sending me a grommet to put on after the steel bobbin is on to help it wind fully. They won't take the steel in on trade, would have to try and sell and then buy new all over again. Will wait and see how their fix works. Thanks everyone.
  19. Thanks, I did put the rubber washer on there and it did not seem to make a difference. I tried an aluminum and it worked fine. sure hope I can still use the metal as I have a lot of them. have a call in to APQS. thanks again. Happy Quilting!!
  20. Am having problems with the metal (not aluminum) bobbins on the turbo winder that I just got. The bobbins start to fill normally and then as they are filling, they start to "spin" on the spindle. I did try adjusting the tension on the winder but that didn't make any difference. Am I not able to use my metal bobbins on the new winder? They seem to work fine in the machine. Thanks.
  21. Thanks Darlene!! To have that much inspiration, time, space.......tons of GREAT ideas.
  22. Thanks ladies, I do have a practice top on that I have been working on. I know that the practice does never end and that is ok. that is what makes it fun. I just can't seem to picture what to put in the block, but onward and upward, Happy quilting!!!
  23. I have been quilting mainly pantos for the last several years. I am READY to move to the front of the machine but not sure where to start. How do you all decide exactly what design to use. I have several tops that I have ready to practice on. Have been drawing on paper but nothing is really seeming to mesh.......Thanks.
  24. Thanks Darlene. I have both and I do believe that I read somewhere that the actual fence does need an adapter. Will get out the base and handles and given them a try. Thanks again.
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